Hello Goodbye Hello!!!
Friday, July 15, 2011 at 2:20 AM
Jenny Walker

Have a look at the " Hello Goodbye Hello" Party pics for the moving out of YBe Fashion Design Gallery. It is now all moved just across the road and operating from Jenny's Home Sweet Home, directly opposite the cafe.

A fantastic adventure, endings and new beginnings and a whole lot of experiences in between. The last few years have been a wonderfully exhilarating ride. Many connections and collaborations have happened and lots of inspiration and encouragement for people to express their true selves through the medium of their clothing and style.

"It has been great that you have all been part of the YBe Gallery journey and that I have been able to be a special part of each of your journeys as well. The YBe and Jenny Lyn Walker Fashion Design work still continues, just a bit reworked, restructured and relocated. So pop in next time you are passing by and book in for an apoointment for me to make you any of my fabulous designs with Your own personal style or expression incorporated. I really enjoy this type of collaborative work as people get to come away with something uniquely theirs and different to what everyone else is wearing."

Jenny's YBe range of clothing that is more an everyday wear range is available in different colours, styles and sizes. Jenny Lyn Walker one off garments are obviously made to measure and fit each person individually, for special occasions and events. Jenny Lyn Walker key collection pieces are also one off and have more of a Sculptural Art feel, garments that can be worn as well as displayed in your home or office.

See you soon, check out the Party pics here...

To come... picks of the new setup at Jenny's Home Sweet Home... watch this space...

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