June 5th Night sky, day after partial eclipse... Liquid Gold Halo Moon!
Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 2:23 AM
Jenny Walker

What an amazing night sky tonight! The Moon is so so bright, peeking through white clouds and then completely hidden by grey and back around again. Like Yin, Yang and clarity. Please have a look outside and see if you see it too! amazing!!! I have video footage of it, looks like time lapse photography tho is just in real time, the clouds are moving so fast. It's truely a sight to see, the night after the Lunar eclipse.. which was at 37%. very interesting! amazing to see and feel the love an depth of life with the presence of the moon and clouds that flow like water - fluid liquid over her, in white clouds you see the Gold Halo Moon and then completely hidden, protected covered by the layers of clouds, floating and merging in and out. Then flowing out again as bright and full and brilliant as can Be. I am loving how it ties in with the Liquid Gold Halo Moon event we just had... the sky is showing ussomething here. its very unique and different and very creative. huge creative forces are behind all of these things. there is the central core and essence of all things. Please look up. see if you can see what I am seeing. I hope so as it is magnificent. Hijo de la luna... LOVE*

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