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At Y Be Fashion Design Gallery, Jenny Lyn Walker designs are stylish works of superior quality inspired by Art, Culture & Nature combined with an appreciation of beauty and form. Jenny has a background in Art, Languages, Teaching, and Fashion Design. Jenny has the talent to meld her inspirations into unique, individual and stylish fashion.

Her philosophy is to emphasise individuality, the journey of expressionism and being true to Yourself. YBe?! ... Why Be?! Why are we here, What is life all about?! Just Be Yourself! YBe someone else when You can Just Be Yourself?! And for all you Point Chevers... What is the Point? at the point! Hehe, something to think about ay! At YBe you are encouraged to find Your Beat, Your inner expression, cherish it and show it to the world. Finding the balance in life, with resounding love, compassion and understanding. Cultural Authentication is strongly seen in Jenny's designs as her belief is we are all here to find and follow our own individual expression and life path and also to operate in conjunction and collaboration with others as a complete whole appreciating and celebrating our silimlarites as well as our differences.

Since studying Fashion in Canada, Jenny's YBe label has grown in reputation and as an award winning designer, one of the most recognisable of Jenny’s works is her Tiki dress. This dress won the Supreme award from Westfield Style Pasifika 2003, and took her to Milan, Italy to Versace.  This dress was also worn by Keisha Castle Hughes to L.A for Whale Rider, 2004 to the Independent Spirit awards, for best foreign film.


 Jenny specializes in Unique, Custom Design pieces for special events and occasions.  Jenny helps people in the journey to self expression, individuality and being true to themselves through the garments that she creates for each person. Also Jenny has an everyday wear range, for all times in ones life, which can be seen instore. There is something here for everyone, if not it can be made for you! See our photo gallery

 As an Inspirational Motivator & Teacher, Jenny also specialises in more than the Fashion, as an extension of this inner expression out, she helps with finding the balance and being true to oneself. Being Yourself and celebrating Being Uniquely You. Jenny runs private consultations by appointment to help each individual follow the path of their dreams, and to live a life full of compassion, love and JOY!

 Jenny hosts regular YBe Inspire & Become evenings at YBe Fashion Design Gallery with a multitude of amazing guest speakers to help encourage and inspire people to play the lead part in the story of their own lives. Creating your own reality and living consciously in peace, love and harmony. For more information see YBe Events

 Jenny also supports and exhibits other local community and New Zealand Artists within her store. There is a brilliant array of unique pieces of jewellery, artwork, accessories, luxury pure perfumery, children’s books and home ware for yourself or loved ones. Y Be now also has a book sharing library that you are welcome to donate to, as well as borrow, swap, share or buy!!

Come and join in the warm, fun atmosphere of YBe! Get to meet Jenny, arrange for her to make you something and help to support and celebrate the Pt Chevalier community, local businesses and New Zealand Artists. Make sure you get onto the Y Be mailing list (contact us page) to receive a monthly Newsletter to find out about events such as the amazing YBe September 2010 Fashion show, UNLEASH Your Brilliance!... see pics here if you missed it...  as well as many other YBe workshops and events.

Please contact previously based in Auckland, now in Nelson:

  • Make an appointment to discuss and design your Special event or Unique garment.
  • Have an Individual Inspirational consultation
  • Attend an Inspire & Become Evening
  • Attend a Design, Illustration, Drawing, Painting or Screenprinting workshop.

"Your Inner Brilliance...

Reignite the passion in Yourself, Your life and in achieving Your own ambitions. Unleash what You know to Be Your own true potential.

Be aware of Your energy and thought flow, as we create our own realities... so create the life of Your dreams...the life You design!"

Thanks to our Creator!

See you soon!

With Love,