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Do You Want to Be part of the YBe Team?

JOBS at YBe: High level of skill, intention, integrity and enthusiasm is key. I am looking for a strong, determined and energetic team to mutually support and benefit each other and surround each other with good energy and positivity. To have a team of key individuals who work cohesively together to form a focal core of business that runs, flows and moves well – effortlessly and easily and powerfully to create a base from which all operation grows and is supported and sustained and the ripple effects enable all others who come into contact with it to also take part and continue the ripple effect of brilliance out to all far reaches of the world, starting form here in NZ with YBe.

Many areas and disciplines make up this business... Fashion design and production side of course: pattern makers, sewers, production managing, design assistants, fabric & textiles, manufacture& process, quality control & implementation, as well as core business team model such as: admin, coordinators, finances & accounting, funding, marketing, online & website, social media & connectivity, resources &supplies..

What skills do you have and what would you like to be doing and focusing on everyday? Come to see me, email me with your CV and let me know where you want to fit in.