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Welcome to YBe by Jenny Lyn Walker 

Award winning NZ Fashion Designer, Jenny Lyn Walker provides unique one off custom design garments. Wearable art merged into Fashion, sculptural pieces that can be displayed as artwork. From individual made to fit to ready to wear, whatever budget, occasion or body shape, we also have a styling and expression service at your fingertips so book your consultation now or visit our gallery.

At Y Be Fashion Design Gallery, conceptual designs are stylish works of superior quality inspired by Art, Culture & Nature combined with an appreciation of beauty and form. Jenny has a background in Art, Languages, Teaching, and Fashion Design. Jenny has the talent to merge her inspirations into unique, individual and stylish fashion.


The Model Fashion & Car Show

Come to see an amazing Car and Fashion extravaganza in Hamilton, Saturday 27th July.

Book your tickets now and read up all the info about it here!

See you there!!! It is definitely one to see.

A Theatrical Fashion performance nothing like it ever seen before, using the Classic cars as part of the show. Step back in time with us as well as enjoying the contemporary spin and upbeat new age kind of Theatre. We are merging and combining Cars and Fashion through the different Eras, Cultures, Styles, Models and Fashions with Jenny Lyn Walkers knack for design and incorporating Sculptural Fashion Art into everyday experience.


Youtube Video: Bethells Beach Photoshoot & Video. Jenny Lyn Walker - NZ Collection.

Check out this Video, Photoshoot by Anas Khan and Video and editing by Neil Prasad. Stunning shots and amazing video footage to show off the Garments in settings linking in with their True essence.


See here for upcoming September events!!! Come along!! Also recent activity to know about!

Wellspring Open Day - YBe Fashion show!!! Saturday September 29th - Puhoi.

Market Day in Remuera. Saturday September 22nd.

Workshops and classes - Pattern making and sewing... and anything else you would like to learn! Let me know! Weekdays and Weekends.

Village Gathering! Saturday September 22nd.

YBe September newsletter with all sorts... New job positions opening up! New season garments. Youtube video & photoshoot!


Liquid Gold Halo Moon Event photographs up now!!!

Yay! Photos from the YBe Event are up on the Official Event Website . Check them out! Remember to sign up for updates (right hand side button) to be notified of more photos going up. ENJOY!

You can also browse by Guest, Fashion Show or Performer by visiting Liquid Gold Halo Moon Collection.

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Thank you Ryan van Heerden from for all of these wonderful photographs! Much gratitude and appreciation! You are a Star.


June 5th Night sky, day after partial eclipse... Liquid Gold Halo Moon!

What an amazing night sky tonight! The Moon is so so bright, peeking through white clouds and then completely hidden by grey and back around again. Like Yin, Yang and clarity. Please have a look outside and see if you see it too! amazing!!! I have video footage of it, looks like time lapse photography tho is just in real time, the clouds are moving so fast. It's truely a sight to see, the night after the Lunar eclipse.. which was at 37%. very interesting! amazing to see and feel the love an depth of life with the presence of the moon and clouds that flow like water - fluid liquid over her, in white clouds you see the Gold Halo Moon and then completely hidden, protected covered by the layers of clouds, floating and merging in and out. Then flowing out again as bright and full and brilliant as can Be. I am loving how it ties in with the Liquid Gold Halo Moon event we just had... the sky is showing ussomething here. its very unique and different and very creative. huge creative forces are behind all of these things. there is the central core and essence of all things. Please look up. see if you can see what I am seeing. I hope so as it is magnificent. Hijo de la luna... LOVE*