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YBe fashion event with Jenny Walker.


Market Day & Garage Sale in Remuera!!!

  • YBe Fashion and other things! Lots of items!!! Sunday 2nd Dec, 2012. 1.30pm to 4.30pm. Join me for a SALE of new items such as Garments, jewellery, homewares and art. As well as as sale of second hand items and household wares as I am having a huge clear out!!! Come to ENJOY the Garage/Market day here at my premises in Remuera. Lots of fun come and see whats on offer. Please bring cash with you or pay online -bring your bank account details with you. I'm sure you will find something amongst the wares for yourself or for a gift.

Sculptural Fashion Art

YBe Everday wear garments





also on this day: 20% off Orders of any Custom Design work for you by Jenny Lyn Walker

or purchase YBe Gift Vouchers for friends!!

Interiors / Homewares: Cushion covers, pin cushions, jewellery stands, candles


Second hand items:

BBQ, Table & chairs

Loungers for outdoors

Garment display stands


Large Sony 5CD Stereo

Ornaments galore

Carpet pieces

Other Bits and pieces

Even a car! :)

I am fundraising and clearing out for the next part of the business and setup stages coming shortly.

Come along to play and purchase whatsoever you would like :)and join me for a fun day!


Wellspring Open Day - YBe Fashion Show!!!

HI, come along to this day full of inspiring workshops, my Fashion show and Inspirational talk and many other wonderful things to experience. A day out in the lovely setting of Wellspring in Puhoi!!! 10am til 6.30pm.

See you there!

Sat 29th September
60 Saleyard's Rd Puhoi
Come and discover this new centre for wellbeing and creativity set on a
delightful acre of land with gardens, bush and stream with a beautiful
character homestead and a magnificent church like venue space.
Choose from a tempting array of one hour workshops, sample delicious
food, enjoy listening to the strolling minstrels and the sounds of Nature
The day will start with an Opening Circle at 10am followed by the
workshops throughout the day and culminating in a variety performance in
“The Barn”
From 10.30 am to 6.30pm and will be of an hour's duration.
CIRCLE DANCE. These simple dances are based on the traditional dances of different countries and will be danced to live music played by the Wellspring Band
MOVEMENT AND PHYSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOP with Morag Brownlie, a gifted dancer, film maker, choreographer and director working with dance cabaret.
DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE with Sally Platt.These dances incorporate simple movements and sacred chants from many different cultural and spiritual traditions and promote joy, peace and heartfelt connection.
YOGA BELLY DANCE with Lianne Divine. Warm up with yoga asanas and pranayama before plunging into an introduction to belly dance where a fusioin of rhythms will take you into divinely delightful dance. For people of all ages.
YOGA NIDRA with Annaleise Ferguson, yoga teacher and reiki master.The session will start with some basic asanas and deepen into the deeply relaxing meditation of yoga nidra
YOGA IN ESSENCE with Philippa Jones an experienced, creative and intuitive teacher recently returned from training in India.Explore the art and grace of your own perpetual yoga in a cocreation of mind, body and spirit
YOGA with Robyn Jarvis , an experienced teacher with a calm, clear and precise approach
WELLBEING TECHNIQUES with Zorma Pringle, a gifted artist and bodyworker and a wise woman.The session incorporates touch, movement, sound and laughter
THE ART OF MAGIC with Anne Curtis.There will be no pulling rabbits out of hats ,instead this workshop will introduce you to techniques that will have you creating magic in your everyday life.Just bring your imagination and be prepared for fun.
DRUMMING with Menno.A drumming and percussion workshop for everyone for which no experience is needed. Instruments provided. Come and participate in the fun.
CREATING SACRED SPACES with Sandie Wendt who will inspire you to create sacred spaces in your garden and house connecting you with the Elements, your senses and Nature
MINDFULNESS IN EVERYDAY LIFE with Kala Dostal who is the co-ordinator of the Amitabha Buddhist Hospice and a teacher of The 16 Guidelines
HEALING with Christine Moginie who will guide you into a gentle and peaceful connection to the Andromedean Galaxy
BIODYNAMIC TASTER with Christine Moginie who will show you how to make a boidynamic comfrey compost tea to strengthen your plants naturally.
ART FOR BEGINNERS with Christine Moginie.Have you always wanted to paint or draw but don't think you can? Playing with pastels and colours using simple techniques and plant observation will fade those old belief patterns turning fear into creative fun.
RAW FOOD with Aysha who will talk about her journey with raw foods, demonstrate some simple recipes which you get to sample ,and send you home inspired
SINGING FOR BEGINNERS with Carole Hay who will teach some basic techniques and get you singing some songs. Her enthusiasm , encouragement and infectious humour will put you at ease and dissolve any fears you may have had around singing.
SINGING FOR PEOPLE WITH SOME EXPERIENCE with Jenny Eirena, an experienced performer and voice coach who will help you to hone your vocal techniques and have fun with harmonies, sol feg and song
SOUNDSCAPES with Brian Becroft and Beatrice Pritchard who will offer you a sound bath then invite you to co-create a soundscape
CREATIVE FASHION with Jenny Lyn Walker, fashion designer extraordinaire of YBE Fashions who will delight you with her inspirational story, a slide show and a taster fashion show
TAROT READINGS with Vicki, an experienced and accurate reader

FREE ENTRY WORKSHOPS KOHA PH 09 4250527 or email: to book and for more info re workshops


FANTAIL DRESS from the NEW ZEALAND collection for sale to a NEW GUARDIAN.

Fantail Dress- Piwakawaka video

Do you resonate with and would you like to become the new guardian of The Fantail Dress? Furthermore gaining the joy, appreciation and fulfilment from acquiring such an exquisite piece!

Be the new Guardian of the one of the key pivotal pieces from The New Zealand Collection! The Fantail dress also known as Piwakawaka here in New Zealand is full of fun, joy, flitting around from tree to tree with love, heart, full of life and enjoying each day. The Fantail Dress has been infused also with this kind of energy from its initial original conception after seeing and being followed by the Fantail flitting joyously in the trees surrounding Kahikatea Eco Village – now Albany campus of Wellpark College, while walking around enjoying the nature, the views, the land with a trusted friend one day during the time that I was there with my workshop studio.

The design, pattern making, original mock up and structure to the dress were conceived … 

...during the days leading up to an exhibition event there which was in aid to help save the Eco Village and help to turn it into an educational institution and live in campus for artists and travellers which it has become now with Wellpark. So those were very special days and the finishing of the dress and its fruition into a live Sculptural Fashion Art piece took place in the YBe workroom in Mt Albert before its first showing to the general public at the Cult Couture Fashion show and competition in Auckland. The Piwakawaka acquired great acclaim and has since taken part in many and varied filmings, photoshoots, exhibitions, Fashion shows and has taken centre stage at many of these. The Fantail dress certainly has an aura about it of fun, playful, a statement to be admired at any Masquerade party, special event or occasion and draws in a crowd to witness the spectacle. The dress has been infused with a certain energy that helps to generate amazing things… as also worn on few special occasions by Jenny Lyn Walker herself and the dress has all the makings of a magical piece of Art.

Guardianship & Energy

The love, energy, abundance and beauty that went into the conception (ideation) design, creation, construction of the dress by Jenny and immersion of energy into the dress and the subsequent showings, makes this one a very special piece indeed. It has, as do all the pieces from the New Zealand collection, a Guardian quality to it, where it protects and honours the wearer and brings about the best and most in them and out of them. It allows and aids the easy process of allowing one to shine and be themselves and to glow within and without of the dress.

Furthermore, in reciprocation, the Fantail comes to life by being worn. The animation and presence of the wearer mixes and merges with the dress to enable them both to come to life… and the human and the Fantail Bird are both honoured in those moments. The piece is tribute to the Fantail and the joy that it brings into our world, showing and reminding us all of that little dance of Joy. The partnership of mutual guardianship brings forth a special and most joyous union, authenticated as individual person being their true self and unique dress in being one of a kind Sculptural Fashion Art based on nature, design, culture, art and love.

Art Collector New Zealand Collection

As a Sculptural Fashion Art piece, the Fantail dress is an amazing eye catcher and adorns any wall surface or portion of a room as a brilliant centre piece. My call to you is to Be one of the few Art Collectors who are in the now and see the value and interest inherent in a piece such as this. It is a vibrant addition to your collections and with promise of appreciation now and into the future. As well as being known as a supporter of the Arts you will also support the growth of a forward thinking business and community movement. It is especially the case with the emergence of the rest of the New Zealand collection into the public arena. Each piece will be for sale as well as introduced in exhibitions and Fashion shows and main launch of the collection. The pieces will also tour around NZ… for educational, inspirational and promotional purposes.

The Creator Within

Helping you to realise the creator within you! To see and be reminded on a daily basis of that by the Piwakawaka displayed/flying on your wall… and worn to special events to help infuse everything and everyone in your path on that occasion with the amazing energy…. Give it a go and you will see… love… love yourself, love others, love the beings in this world that bring us so much joy and laughter and happiness and be infused and full and complete with it and the knowing….. the Fantail dress is yours for an aid in helping you obtain the ultimate in peace and serenity and beauty and love and light through this life… call me… the time is NOW. You are ready! Fantail dress is here wanting to inspire… Do You want to be part of its journey and travels and spreading of good will and happiness?

Reflections & Mirrors

I implore you to be part of the bigger picture and vision and with that also support the creation of future designs and dreams from this one Jenny Lyn Walker… a reflection of YOU! As we are in each other and as the Fantail so happily shows us. A mirror of our inner Joy, waiting and wanting to be expressed.

Purchase price $5,600. Unlimited potential of reward and pleasure and appreciation. Be part of the Fantails flight and movement.

You will honour yourself, me, the fantail and the fantail dress garment all in one. What more can you want? Though of course whatever more you want I can also make for you, futhermore of course your purchase and the honouring of my work ensures that I have the ability and resources and proof and commitment from others that my work is welcome and that I shall continue to produce wonderful wearable works of art and continue to distribute my energy and abilities for the benefit of all.


There are only one of each of these pieces, they are unique, one off, amazingly inspired and fully infused with love and brilliance, they are for those who resonate and understand the depth of love, beauty and brilliance in our world. I hope to meet the one of You who is the Fantail! I am looking forward to that and to sharing in the journey and forward flight of the Fantail!





Acknowledgements - Thank you to all involved!!!

Hi all, please have a look at the Official Event website here for acknowledgements from the evening :) Everyone did a wonderful job for the bringing together of the event. Please comment (at bottom of page) if you have something to share about the Hosts, Helpers, Performers, Artists, Models or Guests on the night. We would love to hear your feedback or help with a connection and be able to pass it on to them and/or for them to see it Thank you!




Official Website for the Liquid Gold Halo Moon Event!

Please make your way to the official Event website so that you can follow the story of what is happening, find out miore information about the happenings and performances and people involved. We are updating it all the time and will soon have the programme and Dinner menu up. Please pass this info onto friends and anyone you feel may wat to attend! At this event site you can pay for your ticket, add yourself to our updates/ newsletter list and also see photos from the event and remain connected with those you meet here and also find more about performers and the Garments on show and for sale.

Go here to check it out and tell friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and anyone else you know who may want to come and celebrate with us!!!!

See you soon!