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The Model Fashion & Car Show

A Fashion and Classic Car extravaganza celebrating Diversity of Fashion, Era, Culture and Style, brought to you by Award winning Fashion Designer, Jenny Lyn Walker.
  • Date: Saturday 27th July 2013
  • Time: 6pm arrival with drinks upon entry, Show commences at 7pm, Tapas served in the Bel Air lounge conference room from approx 8.15pm, finishing event by 9pm.
  • Location: Hamilton Classics Car Museum, 11 Railside Place, Dinsdale, Hamilton, off State Highway 1.
  • Tickets: $40 – includes entry to the Classic Car Museum, Fashion Show, refreshments and tapas.
  • Discount for any group of 4 or more: Tickets become $30 each! Please call us for procedure. Cell: 0212317447.

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YBe Ltd 12 3077 0500824 00

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Cody Yerkovich - Miss New Zealand 2010, James Mathieson - Mr International Australia 2012 wearing Jenny Lyn Walker Designs.

Cadillac 1959 - Hamilton Classic Car Museum



Thankyou to everyone who took part in, supported and attended the YBe Fashion Design Gallery & Pt Chevalier Community Fashion & Entertainment Extravaganza: UNLEASH Your Brilliance!!! We had an amazing time and hope you enjoyed! If you missed the event or want to see the pictures have a look at the photo gallery on the YBe website!


It was an amazing collaborative effort and the performers, models, artists, helpers and everyone who was part of it in any fashion stepped up to the challenge and shone! We definitely all UNLEASHED Our Brilliance for all to see. Well done everyone!!! So many talented, capable, wonderful people we have in Pt Chevalier and surrounding areas! I hope that everyone will support everyone else who brought you this amazing show and great sense of community! So we can keep the spirit alive and help have as many people as possible happy and successful doing their thing. (For a rundown of the inspiration behind the show click here)


This is after all what we are all here for. To achieve great things and to be happy in our lives doing so and to help others achieve, believe, BE! Individuals within a collective whole… nurturing, supporting, encouraging people to be all they can be and to express themselves fully. This is what I do here at YBe. The garments I make for individual people helps with individual expression, of the inner to the outer and the story of each person’s unique journey and the life experiences that shape who they are.


Come and see the new Tiger range unleashed in store!!! RAAARRRRR!!!

Place an order for your own garment to be custom designed for you by the end of September and get 30% off!!! 20% off by end of October and 10% off by end of November! Find that fire within and see where your passion leads! How would You like to see Yourself? I can help to make that happen. UNLEASH Your Brilliant Self!! Be all that You can Be! YBe?!


What an Amazing show!!!

My deepest thanks to all involved, helping each other to UNLEASH Your Brilliance!!! What an amazing show well done everybody!

See here for pics!

See here for sponsors! Thank you so much to all our sponsors and those who gave prizes and things for the goodie bags!!! Very appreciated!

See here for performers and crew! Thank you so much to all the helpers, performers, crew, anybody and everybody who helped in the lead up to the show, help with garments, set up, on the night and in the pack down and aftermath :) Everybody did amazingly well and just took their jobs and ran with them and got them done. thank you so much, you were all brilliant!!! The show would not have been possible without you!!! Thank you for your support and help and energy!

With Love,



UNLEASH Your Brilliance!!! by Feeding the Fire & Tiger within!

This is your chance to pounce and feed on locally grown fashion that oozes “Year of the Tiger”

Come and join us with a protein packed menu of fashion, culture, song and dance


Seats have to be reserved with proceeds contributing towards Project Tiger and Auckland Zoo



Y Be Fashion Design Gallery presents the September Fashion & Entertainment Event of 2010 in the Pt Chevalier Community!!! UNLEASH Your Brilliance!!!

Wednesday 8th September, 2010 from 7pm. Reserve your seat now! 


Releasing Jenny Lyn Walker’s newest collection… “The Year of the Tiger is the spirited inspiration for this vibrant evening of Art and Fashion!”

This exciting and wild show draws on the energy, strength and courage of the Tiger to help to evoke finding the fire within and unleashing true potential. An amazing journey that you will want to make sure you attend, take part in or sponsor!

The Show is to celebrate the diverse creative talent that exists in our community and wider New Zealand and the businesses that are supportive of that expression. Bringing awareness to the plight of the Tiger in the Year of the Tiger and emphasising to people to go for and live their dreams in this life.

We are celebrating new and raw talent as well as a few award winners in the Fashion, World of wearable arts, Trash to Fash fields. The show celebrates Songwriters, Artists, Musicians, Poets, Dancers and Designers! It is different, unique and well supported by the community and the media. We are also in association with the Auckland Zoo, Project Tiger, Wildlife foundation and also a few other groups. We are trying to bring awareness about people, society, wildlife, the world and all life in general. 

Make sure you reserve your seats, numbers are limited! Contact Jenny at YBe for further information. 

The YBe Fashion Design Gallery is located at 506 Pt Chevalier Rd, Pt Chevalier, Auckland. Ph: 845 2371 Email: