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YBe fashion event with Jenny Walker.


YBe Hello Goodbye Hello party!

The ending of the YBe Fashion Design Gallery by Jenny Lyn Walker... moving home, which happens to be just across the road!!! YBe & Jenny are still going strong, but farewell oh beautiful Gallery! Thankyou Caitlin Smith -Singer, songwriter for the wonderful Fashion Show of Jenny's garments throughout the evening! See her wearing her new garments at her performances at DeBretts!!! Yay!

See pics of the event here!!


YBe Fashion show at Winchester!

Hey thanks to all for your fantastic efforts and support! yay it was a great night. Working on a You Tube video at the moment... coming soon, but for now here are some pics of the evening... the Fashion show comes up backwards so you could go to the end and scroll back!! hehe. here is the link ENJOY!!!!

A great night was had by all and we raised a few thousand for the Christchurch fund, well done everyone! Thanks!!!


YBe Fashion show at the Winchester - Thursday April 14th!!!


Come to the Fashion show at the Winchester this Thursday (14th April) to be inspired for your style and help the fundraising efforts for Christchurch.

See you there!!!



YBe Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for YBe! Your honesty, candidness and thoughts are really appreciated and will help greatly now and for future development. All information will be kept strictly confidential and only for the use of YBe customer service initiatives. Once you have completed the survey and submitted it, you will be in the draw to WIN value packed PRIZES!!! $100 Jenny Lyn Walker Style consult, $80 YBe Voucher, $40 Silk scarf!!! Last day for surveys to be sent in is 22nd of March so please fill it out now! The prizes will be drawn on the 24th of March and the winners notified.

Thank you for your participation!!! Here is the link to the Questionnaire page! Enjoy! YBe Questionnaire


YBe: 6 Week Courses with Jenny Lyn Walker.

YBe Fashion Design Course – Introductory course

$270… (Includes $20 for Admin, handouts and YBe Certificate). Bookings and deposit required. Please contact YBe on 845 2371 or 

6 weeks… 2hours each Thursday… from 6.30 to 8.30pm.

Commences January 20th.

This course takes the student through the process from initial stages of design to completion of a garment. Looking forward to the result wanted and then working back from there to establish a good starting point.

1)     Inspiration & Ideas: Guiding you through the process of understanding your own ideas and likes and creative style. Finding a way to express that outwardly.

2)     Illustration & Design: Learning drawing techniques to express onto paper. Resulting in a working drawing of what it is you will make. Creating a design that will easily be interpreted into a garment and know that it is possible.

3)     Pattern making: Measurements, style lines, sizing, seam allowances, getting all the pieces together and in accordance with each other to form a complete garment.

4)     Mock up and fitting: Trial workings of the pattern and getting fit right. Cutting & sewing techniques. Adjusting the original pattern from the mockup trial. Finalising final garment fabric.

5)     Construction: Putting the garment together and steps involved in the process, what gets sewn before what else… thinking through the process to the finishing of the garment.

6)     Finishing: Finishing well on the inside and the outside…adding closures and hemming, for complete work.

Please bring along art supplies, study notebooks, and stationery.

Students to provide their own fabric and accessories for the mockup and final garment.

YBe Fashion Design Course – Further Pattern Making and Construction

$290… (Includes $20 for Admin, handouts and YBe Certificate). Bookings and deposit required. Please contact YBe on 845 2371 or 

6 weeks… 2hours each Week… from 6.30 to 8.30pm.

This course is a follow on from the Introductory course where we go more into depth for patterns and garment construction. We will get through the design part and into the making side faster since the initial course has been completed. Students will now understand the process and be ready for more technical skills and accuracy. Fabrics, detail and surface interest techniques will be approached.

YBe Business & Entrepreneurship Course – starts March, please book in now for your spot.

$290… (Includes $20 for Admin, handouts and YBe Certificate). Bookings and deposit required. Please contact YBe on 845 2371 or 

6 weeks… 2hours each Week… from 6.30 to 8.30pm.

This course will include 6 topics and be a guide for any creative business venture in your own creative field. Learning the key parts of the process and steps involved in being an entrepreneur and marketing your own products.

Topics will include:

Business Development



Sales & Marketing

Production & Distribution plan

Financial plan


Background of Jenny Lyn Walker.

Owner and Operator of YBe Gallery in Pt Chevalier, Fashion Designer and Inspirational Motivator.

I am an entrepreneur who is very passionate and committed to helping people along their path and helping to inspire the creative energy that is within us all and to bring it out and let it shine forth for all to see and take part in, all the while letting that help us continue on our own paths of expression and heal our lives and follow our dreams. The result of this is to live a happy life and be connected to others and be part of a community spirit yet being able to be the unique individual that each of us is within that.

I have been professionally involved in Fashion Design for 8 years now, however it has been a lifetime journey connecting Arts, Culture, Languages, Nature and Fashion. I make garments for people that are custom designed and help to uniquely express each person and their journey. I use many different techniques such as screen-printing, hand-painting, weaving, quilting and distinctive fabrics to create unique and one off pieces for customers as well as ready to wear garments and also sculptural collectible pieces of work. I have a background in arts, languages, teaching, creative fields, entrepreneurship, business, running design workshops and Inspirational motivating, guest speaking and healing work. Also bringing together of peoples and communities in order to collaborate and create spectacular events with a fusion of likeminded people and celebration of life, fashion, art, dance and music.

Come along on this brilliant path of light and love and experience the blessing that is life and learning. Be a part of the YBe and Jenny connection and help to make that grow and spread out further and further into our world.

See you soon!