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Welcome to YBe by Jenny Lyn Walker 

Award winning NZ Fashion Designer, Jenny Lyn Walker provides unique one off custom design garments. Wearable art merged into Fashion, sculptural pieces that can be displayed as artwork. From individual made to fit to ready to wear, whatever budget, occasion or body shape, we also have a styling and expression service at your fingertips so book your consultation now or visit our gallery.

At Y Be Fashion Design Gallery, conceptual designs are stylish works of superior quality inspired by Art, Culture & Nature combined with an appreciation of beauty and form. Jenny has a background in Art, Languages, Teaching, and Fashion Design. Jenny has the talent to merge her inspirations into unique, individual and stylish fashion.


Thank you!! YBe Questionnaire participants!!!

Thank you to all of you who have filled out the YBe Questionnaire! It is open until March 22nd so please fill it out to win some great prizes if you have not already! Thanks!! Follow link


Jenny Lyn Walker - YBe Design

Jenny's expertise is custom designed work, made to fit each individual person to help them with their unique expression of themselves through their clothes. Jenny has the talent and skill to help each person feel beautiful and special in their clothes and works with each body type to ensure the best style, colours and fit are worked into each individual garment design.

Jenny has a keen eye for detail and proportion and an understanding of all different body types and is really passionate about helping people get comfortable with their bodies and accentuate the positive and express and feel JOY through the wearing their clothes. Let's get expressive and creative and accept, appreciate and respect our bodies and for who and what we are! We are all different and Unique and no two bodies are the same! Let's embrace that! Then we will all feel so much more connected to ourselves and to everyone else and the world. Acceptance and love is the key!


Beautiful Dresses for Sunny Weather!

Lots of new dresses, wrap skirts, wrap tops, great fabric and colours. All styles different and unique, one off pieces to celebrate the beautiful individual that is YOU! Click for more!



The more you praise and celebrate your life,

the more there is in life to celebrate. – Oprah Winfrey 

Yay! Happy Birthday YBe!!!!!!!



Come and celebrate with Jenny to welcome in the third year of the Gallery and take part in an evening of fun and great opportunities!! Friday 1st October. See here for details.


WOW! UNLEASH Your Brilliance! What an amazing event!!

The show was really brilliant! Stay tuned for more pics!!!