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Make a wish and it can come true, make sure you are present in all that you do. For only you can create the way your world will unfold, no one else can write your story the way it needs to be told. – Jenny Lyn Walker.

LOCAL EVENTS: If you haven’t seen “Alice in Wonderland” yet… it’s a must see, fun and packed full of messages.

The ultimate message I took from it is… “It’s only impossible if you believe it is.”


I feel that the message of Easter is multidimensional: Conviction for what you believe in, taking a stand and going forth with determination and courage whilst being true to YOU. As well as being selfless by helping and giving to OTHERS. Taking actions that lends to the greater good and happiness of ALL BEINGS. There must be a balance of all parts and there must be time for individual reflection and restfulness to ensure staying on the right track in pursuit of dreams and keeping wellbeing and energy levels up.

Therefore, I hope you had a great Easter weekend and enjoyed your festive chocolates, whilst having a good rest, sharing of time with others and it was all done with a certain amount of moderation.



Date:  Friday 16th April

Time:   Registrations & seating 6.30, Start 7.00, Finish 9.00 pm.

Place:   Y Be Fashion Design Gallery, 506 Pt Chevalier Rd.

Register: Please send back a reply to this email with names attending, thank you!

Cost:    $20 includes nibbles. Please BYO drinks J

Your facilitator for the evening is:  Jenny Lyn Walker – Fashion Designer & Inspirational Motivator. I will be guiding discussions and sharing my own journey and experiences with wisdom, love and compassion.

Your guest speaker is: Janelle Fletcher – Speaker & Mind Body Expert. Janelle helps people successfully and confidently get through health, body & life changes and transitions.

I am very excited about you all getting to meet & connect with Janelle, she is brilliant. Her ethos ties in nicely with what I am doing here at Y Be with dressing people to help express who they are and to feel good in the clothes they wear and her work resonates with what I do as an individual with inspiring people to fulfil their dreams and understand and eliminate the forces that hold them back. Janelle: the essence of being yourself. Jenny: Y Be someone else when You can just Be Yourself.

The main topics for this evening are:

*        Synchronicity- simultaneous occurrences that are meaningfully related

*        Motivation- intrinsic and extrinsic

*        Developing Passion - to encourage the Dreams

*        Intentions - for moving forward.

Bring an idea of a story to share, articles of interest, inspiring thoughts and be ready to share your intentions for your dream or life path or be willing and open others ideas to help you with this.

You will meet a brilliant group of people who want to CONNECT & HELP and who are in a similar space to where you are in your life.


Call me at Y Be on 845 2371 or send email . Forward newsletter to let friends know!


Pay online to Y Be Ltd: 12 3077 0500 824 00 with your name as the reference, or cash / eftpos at Y Be Fashion Design Gallery, Pt Chevalier.


Y Be has 8 different Jewellers work instore. A great variety! Come in and check out all the styles. Something for everyone. Hats, scarves and bags too.


Come and see the great shades of blue, red and green for skirts, jackets, pants and whatever else you have been thinking you need to get into your wardrobe. What would you like me to make you? Anything on the rack you have wanted to buy or to get made to fit you?



I LOVE MYSELF books by New Zealand author Angela Smith are available at Y Be. Inspire your children to find inner strength and confidence and to always remember to love themselves! It is such a great book for helping all our children to find the peace, harmony and love which resonates with the message of Y Be.


WINNER FOR MARCH: Linda Lucy Haines, Luxury Pure Perfumery draw.

Maryann Lee. Yay! Congrats on winning the “Tui” body balm. May you hear the song of JOY within you when you wear your Tui fragrance. (Read the poem that goes with it in the brochure!)



There have been several Illustration workshops now and all who have attended have thoroughly enjoyed them!!! It has been requested that I do a FACES & HANDS workshop. So, this one will be held in MAY, 3 x Wednesdays as per usual. Anyone can attend. Also those of you who have already done the Fashion Illustration classes may want to continue on to Faces and Hands.

Please let me know of your interest for this fun new workshop! As always spaces are limited to six per class, so I am able to help everyone individually within the workshop. Perhaps we can run two workshops if more of you are keen, or you get a group of friends together… discount for a group applies J


Enjoy the rest of April and look out for upcoming YBe events!!!

See you in store soon!!!