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December Doors & Bells & Whistles… & Production Houses: Jenny Lyn Walker & YBe Fashion Design at Tui Treat!!

December Doors & Bells & Whistles… & Production Houses: Jenny Lyn Walker & YBe Fashion Design at Tui Treat!!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!! Love to all!!! ENJOY!


''Life gives us more challenges than we expected, although with each others and universal help, we will all get there during the journey… our guides are with us in spirit… thank God, Life and Love, that our travels keep us united and connected” - adapted by Jenny Lyn Walker.

…from a quote so aptly said by Sister Euphrasie Barbier upon setting up the establishment in New Plymouth –the Foundation of Sacred Heart.“New Plymouth is giving us more trouble than we ever expected but never mind with God's help, we'll win in the end ... our Sisters are with us in spirit ... thank God that our trials keep us united.''

In this December Newsletter:


YBe Fashion

  • Jenny & YBe at Oratia Markets Saturdays until Christmas and Fri late night.
  • Dresses – wrap skirts – wrap tops - for summer. YBe Ready to wear page.
  • December and Xmas specials & YBe loyalty card!
  • Custom Design work… Express yourself!


YBe Events  

  • · Prana in the Coromandel for New years! Jenny Lyn Walker Workshop and exhibition in Prana shop!
  • · YBe Inspire & Become Vision board evening, look out for this one!
  • · Village gathering…last one for this year or forever?


YBe Home & Jenny Lyn Walker

  • · YBe Tui Treat pictures of new set up YBe home studio page.
  •  · Tuesday to Friday available for Consulting and Design Appointments at Tui Treat
  • · Creative Collaborative Collective- Who is keen to be in my Team?
  • · One more housemate needed: could it Be You? or someone you know?
  • · Hire Tui Treat Great setting, location, space, environment and amenities!



  • Oratia Markets Saturdays: 9am til 12.30pm til Xmas as well as a special late night Friday 23rd from 5pm til 8.30…see you there! Opening new doors and points of interest and connecting to the communities in the West. My stall has YBe garments for sale and accessories and the chance to meet up with me and book in consultations and appointments for during the weeks, so see you there with Christmas cheer!
  •  December and Christmas specials: Happy December!!!… any December purchases for Christmas pressies and your own new outfit, garment and accessory for Xmas day, holiday and summer… will start off your YBe loyalty card and get you 30% off any future purchases from here on out… this month only special! Eftpos & Credit card available here.
  • Custom Design work… Express yourself! Who do you want to be? Who are you? How do you say that through your clothes? Ask me J I will help you! Do your clothes “fit” you? Book in for a consultation and design session. $100 only! Such great value to get your wardrobe aligned for you, to give you confidence in your attire and also part of that contributes to your Custom designed garment orders when you give the go ahead. Remember I do All sizes and Mens wear too! Any body and Every body, we are all unique and so different, tho also so much the same, that’s why I know I can help You and design and make clothes that fit you in very many ways!



  • Prana in the Coromandel for New years! Jenny Lyn Walker Workshop and Sculptural Fashion Art pieces exhibition for 2 days, 30th and 31st. Come to see my display in the Prana shop! Special pieces and YBe ready to wear range on display and available for sale and also I am doing an Inspirational talk as a workshop on the 30th from 6pm, talk through my garments and how my dreams and visions became and become a reality and to help enable people to follow their dreams. Gather everyone you know and get them to come along to the exhibition and workshop Inspirational talk! It is worth it for You & Your friends!
  • YBe Inspire & Become Vision Board & Manifesting evening… please express your interest & book in for the evening workshop – coming up…Jan 20, 2012 – What is Your Vision for the new year? Appreciate and understand what the last year brought… and now the power of manifesting, bringing those New year resolutions to fruition! Hosted by Jenny Lyn Walker: Fashion Designer, Inspirational Motivator, Teacher and now Manifesting coach!
  • Village gathering…last one for this year has been or is it forever? Roger and co’ Village gathering attachment- nice to see you all, it was again of course an amazing evening, full of great people, shared food, performances and love, thank you all for sharing& participating. I have enjoyed attending most of the evenings as I am sure you all have too! What an amazing effort has been put into them all and a brilliant time had by all! Thank you so much Roger and co… lets help and get a committee together to help the gathering continue J who is with me? I have suggested Tui Treat as a venue, tho who will be the organising team? Who wants to help and honour the huge achievement so far by those who have been responsible for making it happen up until now, now it’s up to you!

YBe HOME & Jenny Lyn Walker:

  • · YBe Tui Treat–

Thank you to those who came to the Relaunch and Housewarming, and small events since, and all who have visited and been part of the last 6 weeks! Yay! Has been very exciting and wonderful things to come! Please come to visit if you have not yet and also please visit again if you have! Look out for workshops, classes, YBe Inspire and Become evenings and other events.

  • · Inspiration consultations & YBe inspiration page:
  • ·· The Creative Collaborative Collective I have been telling you all about is here now at Tui Treat!! Who is keen to be in my Team for the production of the New Zealand collection? Who would like to come and work out at Tui Treat? If you want to hear more, and also to be a part of sharing and being in a creative working space and team, contributing some hours and expertise
  • · One more housemate needed: could it Be You? or someone you know?

Wanting people who enjoy shared living and to be in a collaborative and supportive space doing their own activities and also experiencing the unique opportunity and possibilities of being part of a creative working team. Someone who is: Positive, inspired creative professional, responsible, aware & independent. Call Jenny 09 814 8858.

See you soon at YBe Tui Treat, Oratia Markets and Prana!



At YBe Tui Treat, You can ‘Treat Yourself’ to: reconnecting to YOUR inner spirit, Your style, Your wants and desires, and re-energize in the beautiful and peaceful bush setting. A cup of coffee or tea and treats available at all times!

25 Tui Crescent,

Waiatarua, Auckland

09 814 8858 / 021 231 7447

YBe Hours:

Tuesday to Friday 10.30 to 5.30 by appointment.

Saturday 9 to 12.30 Oratia Markets… across from Packing shed café