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Happy January! Here is your first YBe Treat for 2012!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2012!!

 Here is Your first Treat for 2012…

YBe Inspire & Become evening: Friday Jan 20th here at YBe Tui Treat

Bring your art supplies, pens, scissors, drawing instruments, magazines, yourself, friends, and a mindset of possibilities, ideas and positivity for an evening of “ Vision boards, Manifesting, bringing Your Dreams into your life and making them a Reality”. Find yourself and Treat yourself to a lovely evening of good company, beautiful setting, inspiring theme to start 2012 with. Connect with why we are here – YBe, what life is all about and how you can Be your true self through all of this… come to this creative collaborative collective space and Be a part of getting things rolling for you and others for 2012…

This will be a summing up of 2011 all its challenges and clearing and awakening and now in 2012 it is about embracing self, moving forward, with courage and forgiving our past to clear the way for a bright future…come and let me guide you through this experience to help set clear intentions, keep negativity at bay, bring forth positivity and forward movement, creativity, empowered choices, passion, knowing, being…and simply allow and follow my lead… this Tui Treat space has been the place I have been manifesting for a wonderful setting to be able to do my NZ collection in… you will also love it… you will need to see it to believe it, so come to experience it… Be with your true self and open to what is in store for you!

See you soon here on Friday 20th January 2012…7-9pm, $20, Treat Yourself to your very own YBe Inspire & Become evening to become more than you had imagined… to Be your true self and express what it is your hearts desire so you can experience all the things you want continuing on with this journey.


YBe Fashion:

Remember to find me at Oratia markets 99 Parrs Cross Rd, Saturdays… I will have my sewing machines there to help you “Heal Your Clothes”!!! So bring anything you need remodelling, repairing, resizing…Heal Your Clothes, Heal Your Self and come to see the progress on pieces of my New Zealand collection… also YBe Tui Treat is open to you for coming to see the garments and accessories for sale, order your custom designed piece or to have a consultation… of varying kinds… Tues to Friday… make an appointment to make sure I am here and available. Address and contact details below.

Make sure you come to the Oratia Markets on Jan 28th and 29th for Anniversary weekend for Music! Bands, Fashion, Food, Fun! A lovely celebration of the new year to be had!! see you then!

YBe Events:

Come to a great event “Garden Party” at Pah Homestead on Feb 4th, to celebrate and enjoy together a day in the Garden full of line verse, performance, my sculptural Fashion art pieces, music, art, food and fun yay!!! See you there! Fantastic day out! See the event here on facebook


Love, light and delight for 2012!