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Find Yourself @ YBe Home in July


Suddenly You Find Yourself alone, moved, changed, in a different situation… and You Find Yourself! - Jenny Lyn Walker.

Have you ever felt like this?

  • · I don’t know what to put on this morning…
  • · What should I wear today to make me feel happy, confident, in control of my life?
  • · I can’t find clothes that really fit me or in the style/colour/fabric that I want…
  • · What should I wear to that event? Everything in my wardrobe has had its day and the only one I want to wear I wore last evening out!
  • · I don’t feel that good in this outfit, but oh well I don’t know what else to wear…


… Come to see me and I will help you Find Yourself again! Making the clothes to fit You in Your style that call out to You to wear them!!

Unique styles reflective of the Love for Life, Clothes, Self and for Feeling Good! Helping You Be Your best and true self. Finding Yourself & Expression through Your clothes!

YBe & JLW inspiration & journey page… change of state, movement, finding Yourself, manifesting a state of BE-ing: I Am Here, Find Me, Find Yourself, Be found! YBe a spectator when You can just join in, participate in Your life! Y Me?! Y Be?! Your Beat! Be yourself, Be unique, Be individual, Re-find Yourself…Re-connect to your inner core … continued on… YBe Inspiration page 

In this July/August Newsletter:

YBe Fashion

  • Jenny Lyn Walker, YBe and Your Beat! Labels explained…
  • Pics of some recent commissions…
  • Stay Warm! in yummy winter jackets!!!
  • Consultations for your wardrobe, style, colours, expression,  

YBe Events  

  • YBe Gathering – Last month at the “Hello Goodbye Hello” party – pics of Jenny Lyn Walker and guests!! Moving home party!
  • Jenny Lyn Walker Fashion show – Happy Birthday Peter!

YBe Home & Jenny Lyn Walker

  • Website & Facebook & Social Stream TV & Localist pages
  • Tuesday to Saturday available for Consulting and Design Appointments at YBe Home sweet home!
  • Creative Collaborative Collective




  • Stay Warm! in yummy winter jackets!!!

Been feeling a little under the weather like me? Stay on top of the weather and keep cosy in boiled wool winter jackets, ponchos, wool wrap tops you name it, I will make it for You! See some examples here


  • Hello Goodbye hello Party! –Jenny Lyn Walker & YBe

For the moving out of the YBe Gallery space into my YBe Home space. Pics from the party! Yay! Good time had by all and Caitlin Smith (singer songwriter) strutting her stuff in YBe garments which have since been worn by her at her wonderful evenings of song at places such as DeBretts on Sundays and Wellington Beehive!– make sure you go to see her perform and see her in one of her many YBe and JLW garments! Stunning!

  • Jenny Lyn Walker Fashion show – Happy Birthday Peter!

10 of my sculptural garments such as Tiki, Fantail, Play Tiger play, Frondz… were showcased at Peter’s 50th Party a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing and all the models looked stunning! Well done on the impromptu performance ladies!!! Beautiful! The garments all came to life and were expressed well by you all. Some pics here.


YBe HOME & Jenny Lyn Walker:

Check out the updates and pics on the YBe Website, please select ‘Like’ YBe facebook page and keep updated with the news, Log in to SocialStreamTV to support a good friend of mine –Spence who has created this marvellous platform for all your live feed and video options… great place of contact… please login and then find me as a friend … Jenny Lyn Walker and get your friends to join, I just did today! Also look out for my advert in the Localist pages coming soon!

Have a wonderful July/August! See you now at my Home location!!!


Jenny Lyn Walker & YBe Fashion Design

at Home Sweet Home!!!

493a Pt Chevalier Rd (directly across the road from the Chevalier Point café and my previous Gallery space!)

Pt Chevalier

09 845 2371 /021 231 7447

YBe Hours: Tuesday to Saturday by appointment.