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Fly into July



“Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”  ~Leo Tolstoy 

Take a look at the NEW INSPIRATION PAGE on the YBe website:

Truth of Who We Are… Truth, light and love in every step along the way.

Fly high in July, rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes, to the heights (my high school motto) and celebrate your life, have gratitude for all the wonderful gifts in your life and FLY with JOY like a FANTAIL!!! Watch this space… for my “FLIGHT of the FANTAIL” video… on my website soon!!!

We are not limited… remember and reclaim your True identity, realise that opportunities are abundant and take part in the calling that the time has come to create bliss, beauty and peace on earth. What are we all waiting for? TIME is NOW! Time to start! – Jenny Lyn Walker.


Express yourself as the person who you know yourself to be. Remember your identity, remember who you are through your dress, express your inner self! Let Jenny create a piece of astounding Art work for you to wear that receives an overwhelming ‘YES that’s You’ response from those who know you, and a ‘YES this is Me!’ exclamation from yourself! For any occasion, be a little daring to unveil Yourself and appreciate Your Brilliance!!! Make a booking to have a consultation with Jenny and get those designs rolling. or call Jenny @ Y Be on: 845 2371.

UNLEASH Your Brilliance!!! Y Be & Pt Chevalier Community Fashion & Entertainment event! 8th September 2010.Calling out for help, sponsorship and funding in any form from all YBe people!!! Call going out to all new people and also reminding those of you who have offered help and would still like to be part of this great event! NOW IS the TIME. More information on the website as to some forms of help needed, although any suggestions over and above that are welcome!!! Please send me an email:

People’s choice award AMP scholarship…please vote for Jenny and Y Be!!!  Click on Peoples Choice award… then type in Jenny Walker click on Business / Entrepreneur in Auckland 2010 and you will find me there! Voting closes 31 July. Looks like someone has 3425 votes, oh my gosh, need to get voting!!! send to everyone you know please!!! Hehe


SPECIAL EVENING!!! Bring a new friend and its half price each = $10 each. Individual = $20. Let’s get moving!!!

Date: Friday 16th July 

Time: Registration & seating 6.30, start 7pm, Finish 9pm.

Place: YBe Fashion Design Gallery, 506 Pt Chev Rd.

Register: Please send an email with names of friends attending, thank you. 

Cost: $20 includes nibbles, Please BYO drinks. 

This evening is about putting together a lot of the info from the previous Inspire & Become evenings as a form of CONSOLIDATION as well as many new processes and thoughts, we will be really helping people with a practical task to start to bring things into their lives. We will be helping you put together your VISION BOARDand techniques for MANIFESTING those things into reality!!!

Yay! It’s a must attend evening!!!

More information call YBe on 845 2371 or go to Forward newsletter to let friends know!




Inspire Yourself & Encourage your friends!

Let me know what you would like to learn, draw, paint, do… anything is possible! We will be doing a different topic each week. This Sunday 11th July: helping you with point perspective technique in drawing.

Date:   Every Sunday

Time:   2 pm - 3pm

Cost:    $35

 Bring: Pencil. eraser, drawing paper and all you have to do is…TRUST.

Call me for any queries at YBe on 845 2371. Otherwise just drop in! Forward newsletter to let friends know!



*      Conscious Transformation & Expression evening and follow up dinner went amazingly well… great people, food and fashion!!!

*      Livenet, Jenny Lyn Walker on Y Be, Fashion & Philosophy, streaming live… please watch, send link on to others…will advise more details closer to the date… Weds 21st July… 

*      YBe Cupcake day Sunday 25th July. Come in to see all the new and exciting Creations here at YBe and enjoy a Cupcake… annual Cupcake day… Midwinter Festival!!! Celebrating life & warmth at YBe!!!

*      Unitec radio show with Pat  Armitstead…coming soon…

*     FLIGHT of the FANTAIL video… coming soon…


UPCOMING EVENTS: JULY: Link here for info.

*      Matariki Festival14 June to 14 July

*      NZ FILM FESTIVAL: Auckland 8-25 July.


WINNER FOR JUNE: Linda Lucy Haines, Luxury Pure Perfumery draw.

Siobhan Bowden. Congrats on winning the SOAR! perfume, SOAR! framed poem and organic chocolate!!! Yum!


ENJOY flight in July! Spread Your wings, take off and then SOAR!

Have a lovely time and see you soon!!!