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March to YOUR BEAT at YBe


“We are not here to all be the same and March to the same beat. We all have our own heart beats, hearts desires and dreams, You are here to Be yourself and March to Your own Beat while allowing others to Be themselves and March to their own, then together we March in unison.” – Jenny Lyn Walker.

In this March Newsletter:

YBe Gallery- YBe Questionnaire – be in to WIN prizes from YBe!!!

YBe Fashion –Your Beat -Custom designed garments –made to fit YOU!

YBe Inspiration – March to Your Beat… & together in unison

YBe Events – YBe sale! 10-30% off!! YBe Summer festival

YBe Courses - Fashion Design Course & Workshops –See for more

YBe News –Maori TV – Keisha Castle -Hughes wearing YBe again!


Enjoy the newsletter!


Could you please help YBe to provide YOU with what it is you desire by filling out this questionnaire of the products that are here or what you would like to see here and also provide some information that can be applied to help with YBe’s future. Please complete the YBe Questionnaire which should only take up a few minutes of your time. As a thank you your name goes into a prize DRAW to WIN one of three amazing prizes!!!

* One hour Style Consultation with Fashion Designer Jenny Lyn Walker worth $100!!!

*YBe Gift Voucher at a value of $80.

* FREE beautiful colourful silk scarf that can be worn numerous ways and add highlight to any outfit $40. For yourself or as a gift to a friend!!! Wow, great!


Get access to the YBe Questionnaire here! Please participate and be in the draw to win!

Thank you for filling the YBe Questionnaire out for me as the answers will really help me channel my energy and focus into providing you with what it is you desire here at YBe for yourself and for others and for future planning for the business.

YBe FASHION: YOUR BEAT by Jenny Lyn Walker Fashion Designer with Individual Expression expertise.

Custom designed garments – designed and made to fit YOU! A Unique design for you, as we are all uniquely designed ourselves!

March to Your Beat… Music of life. Sing your song and dance your dance and wear your clothes as an expression of you. March on in to the world and be who you are. Wear Your Beat of your heart on your sleeve – or rather as a full outfit as an expression of YOU. Your garments are an expression of the deeper parts of yourself. What and who do you want to be. What is it that you are always hiding or always worried about. How about I help you figure out your style so that you are comfortable, happy and energized about what you wear and how you wear it. I never used to find clothes to fit me well as I was always a little one and clothes hung off me and I felt unshapely, uncomfortable and not happy in what I was wearing, so I started to make my own clothes that fit me well, I also made things for friends to fit them and then I took it that much further and gained more technical, practical and professional expertise and now I make clothes for all different shapes, sizes, occasions, events, from everyday wear to weddings and sculptural garments to wear as well as display. I have figured out the knack and can help you with your own wardrobe and whatever it is that you have always wanted or for any occasions you have coming up. Getting married? Having a party? Going to the races? New job? Special eventwear custom design work…let ME make YOU something! Tell me what you want or get me to design something for you and I will make it for you. Easy, yes! It’s as simple as that. I encourage you to March on in to YBe and share and participate in this collaborative journey between your expression of wants and desires and my creativity and expertise to translate that into a garment for you.

Break free of any stifling chains of self disapproval, self lack. YBe, just Be, let go and Be free. Release from the restrictions. Be Yourself, Be YOU, Be free to approve, explore and express who YOU are!! Your Beat! With love! Jenny Lyn Walker.

Visit YBe Website to view garments, place an order or book in a consultation for your own custom designed garments of unique style, size & shape for any occasion or budget! (contact page or reply to this newsletter).

YBe INSPIRATION: March to Your Beat whilst marching in Unison with the flow of life…

With lots of shake ups happening at the moment… remember to take care of yourself as well as others … my thoughts & love go out to everyone…Christchurch and Japan and all around the world. If you are feeling like you are unable to do much to support those in Christchurch and Japan and many other countries struggling with difficulties, how about start a little closer to home…click to read more.

Everyone is marching in unison, even without really knowing it sometimes, although also to their own beat along the way. We are all … click to read more.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to do the YBe Questionnaire here. Thanks!


MARCH 22th to 29th: YBe Sale! Discounts galore! 10-30% off!!! Come and buy something from this great selection at your one stop shop! YBe everyday wear, corporate wear, casual wear, event wear, YBe Sculptural Art pieces, Star sign T-shirts, Bamboo silk tops and ponchos, Peace Maker Yoga & exercise range, Brilliant bikinis! Luxury Pure Perfume, Flax bags, Jewellery, Silk scarves, Hats, Beach Bags, Hand bags, Wallets, Poetry, Children’s books, Artwork, Designer Tiger Cushions, Beeswax Lanterns, Beeswax candles, Cards, Gift Vouchers … something for YOU and for those you love!

MARCH 22nd Entries in. 24stYBe Questionnaire winners draw!

MARCH 25, 26th & 27th : YBe Summer Festival watch this space… for more details coming soon….


YBe FASHION DESIGN: 6 week Pattern Making and Construction course click here Very popular! Starts at end of March... Email me or call me on 845 2371 to book your spot. Send out to friends who are keen. Any aspiring Fashion designers or people who want to learn to make patterns and construct garments?!? Fun!

YBe SCREEN PRINTING WORKSHOP: On a Sunday, for 3 hours, end of March. Do a Design, prepare it and print it. Come to share in the learning of this fun skill! Come away with an original piece of your own artwork. Fun! For dates and info. Email me or call me on 845 2371.


WATCH OUT: for YBe “Magic Sunrise dress” being worn by Keisha Castle-Hughes on Maori TV in April! Watch this space…. Beautiful slinky orange flowers dress that feels like “its magic” when worn! Keishas own words! Would you like one of your own? Come see me at YBe!

WATCH OUT: for the new design competition being held at YBe soon!!! Information will come out shortly! Hint: it is all about the main theme of this newsletter … “Your Beat!” great prizes and recognition for the winning entry. Spread the word to those who like any form of design, art and expression. So exciting!!!

WINNER FOR JANUARY: Linda Lucy Haines Luxury Pure Perfumery draw.

Lynda Devonport! Congratulations on winning the KEA balm, matching framed Poem and Old Gold Chocolate!!!

MARCHing into Autumn SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT on


Come and join us at YBe, play your beat, be your beat, sing your beat, express your beat, wear your beat!!! Place a wish into the YBe wishing well ! March into your future with dreams coming true…. Make a wish and see it all unfold and let it happen…. Open up to the well of desires within you, love yourself and let it all pour forth…

In the meantime, if you haven't already answered the YBe Questionnaire please do! Your answers will help make YBe Fashion Design Gallery even better, plus you get the chance to win a $100 style consult, $80 YBe voucher or $40 silk scarf!!

Until I see you again, ENJOY!


Ps: Thank you for your continued patronage, helping a local destination point business to grow which in turn provides opportunities for more community people such as job placements, student work experience and training, flow on support for the community with projects and improving our environment and well being of all who live in and around the area and come into contact with YBe. Making a focal point and place of help, love, beauty, expression and understanding and community connected spirit.

Pps: If you have a good idea or contacts for YBe of anyone who is interested in custom design individual garments and also contract work, for designs, film, TV and costume design work and theming of outfits for any occasion... please let Jenny know!! Also please spread the word to wider Auckland and the rest of New Zealand about YBe Fashion Design Gallery, Jenny Lyn Walker and the services, items and expertise offered here. Thank you!!!