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September Self @ Jenny Lyn Walker’s YBe Home Studio 

September Self @ Jenny Lyn Walker’s YBe Home Studio


“Self Reflection - Be Your Best Mirror of Your True Self!” - Jenny Lyn Walker.

YBe Inspiration page Self reflection and the words written for my Cat Jackie…

In this September Newsletter:


YBe Fashion

  • · Art and Fashion land at the Waterfront, September 8, 2011 – Super human sized fantail… scroll down to read more & see pic!
  • · Keisha Castle-Hughes wears ‘Magic’ YBe Sunrise Dress – Maori TV October 1st
  • · Pics of YBe New Range


YBe Events  

  • · Jenny Lyn Walker Models in Garments at the Waterfront Friday September 9th-see you there!!!!!
  • · Pt Chevalier Mural Project – with YBe Designs in the Mural! Official launch: Sat 10th Sept, 10am-12
  • · WSP for RWC… Tiki dress
  • · Presenters platform – Jenny & YBe interview with Paulus Romijn Simon Shreeve
  • · It has been a year since the YBe UNLEASH Your Brilliance! Show, WOW


 YBe Home Studio & Jenny Lyn Walker

  • · YBe Home Studio
  • · Social Stream TV – YBe online shop!
  • · Tuesday to Saturday available for Consulting and Design Appointments at YBe Home Studio
  • · Creative Collaborative Collective- Who is keen to be in my Team?



  • · Art and Fashion

Art and Fashion land at the Waterfront, September 8, 2011.

Super human sized Fantail flew into the waterfront today. Arriving in a concrete jungle, the bird flits joyfully around, putting on a fantastic feather fluffing performance. Sipping on a cup of coffee, flitting from swing to climbing frame to spinning wheel in it’s playground of life. Looking for a place to rest, it spots an amazing nature inspired Brierley-Millman Cypress sculpture. There has been only one photo taken that was able to capture the bird – paused - before flying off again, away from the Waterfront before the main business of the day had even started. Anyone who spotted this rare breed, could they please forward photographs to the wildlife and nature appreciation society as well as myself. Scoop article here!

  • · Keisha Castle-Hughes wears ‘Magic’ YBe Sunrise Dress – Maori TV  Sunrise dress  

See new dresses, ponchos, tops in the Ready to Wear section of the YBe Website.



  • · Jenny Lyn Walker Garments at the Waterfront Street walking, showing off the beautiful ladies in the beautiful garments, come and join us!!!
  • · Pt Chevalier Mural Project –
  • · WSP for RWC… Tiki dress

Will be a fantastic show this year, with a celebration of the New Zealand designers involved, the key supreme award winners for the last 10 years, and a range of international designers coming I hear! This show is the one to see I reckon! It is being held in October check out the link here Fantastic! Join me!!!


  • · Paulus Romijn Director: Presenting Training for Television, Media and Business by the Presenters’ Platform was established in 2004 by Paulus Romijn and is one of New Zealands best known specialists in training for screen and public speaking.
  • · It has been a year since the YBe UNLEASH Your Brilliance! Year of the Tiger show!!

That means My birthday and YBe birthday are both soon, yay! Keep an eye out for your Birthday invitation!!! My birthday Oct 6th and YBe Studio birthday Oct 1st are fast approaching, yay! Although YBe Design is now 7 years old. Fantastic!!!

YBe HOME & Jenny Lyn Walker:

YBe Home Studio – Jenny Lyn Walker new set up.

It’s been a really lovely few months here at my Home Studio, please come and visit. Here are some pics so you recognize the place. I am working on getting different signage up and so will keep pics coming of updates. It’s been fun! Pictures here

  • · Localist advert Jenny Lyn Walker Fashion Designer page 171-
  • · Social Stream TV

Log in to SocialStreamTV – I am setting up an online store here… uploading pics and info at the moment and will let you know when to check it out. Please login and then find me Jenny Lyn Walker as a friend for now anyway and you will get updates as soon as there are products up there, yay! and get your friends to join.

  • · Tuesday to Saturday available at YBe Home Studio

Also if you happen to be in the area and would like to stop in to have a look at any garments or to book a time for a consult etc then please feel free. It will be lovely to see you! Change to Consulting and Appointment basis which gives more personal contact & connection – to totally absorb Your individuality & wants & needs… to create for You in mind!… all in one place …Consultations for your wardrobe, style, colours, expression…

  • · I am also establishing the Creative Collaborative Collective I have been telling you all about, if you want to hear more, and also to be a part of sharing a creative working space

See you in my Home Studio!



Jenny Lyn Walker & YBe Fashion Design Studio/Gallery

Tui Treat

25 Tui Crescent, Waiatarua, Auckland

09 814 8858 /021 231 7447

YBe Hours: Tuesday to Saturday by appointment.

Check out the updates and pics on the YBe Website, please select ‘Like’ YBe facebook page and keep updated with the news,