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SEPTEMBER SELF- “Self Reflection - Be Your Best Mirror of Your True Self!” 

“Self Reflection - Be Your Best Mirror of Your True Self!” - Jenny Lyn Walker.

A dedication to my Cat Jackie, since the time of losing her leg she has made vast bounds forward, a very capable, smart, focused and determined cat is my beautiful little Jackie cat. Some of you may have met her in  the Gallery or here in my studio. I wrote these words for her but realised also they apply to everyone so felt to share them… see If some of it is reflective of your life, you, you feelings and see how you may be able to apply the thoughts here to your life. I wish you all well and wish only the very best for you all.

Keep doing it, that’s life, you can adapt and adjust, fear not, its just like learning to climb trees again as you have successfully done, I want you to LOVE it like you always used to, enjoy doing everything you want, have done, would do, could do anything. I want you to LOVE and LIVE LIFE. Embrace this new part or different experience as a fun, growing, challenging, living, being opportunity, to understand all things, enjoy all things, love all things, do and BE YOU, BE who you are, what does it matter YOU are different now? YOU are still YOU and YOU are a new YOU and YOU are experiencing new things, new times, new days, new journeys, new everything. That is JOY that is Life that is the Be all and end all of Life – Love, live, enjoy, discover, learn, grow, BE, experience, unreservedly love, BE, YBE? Just Be!. To everybody, everybeing, everypart of this world… Each and every day you get to make your own decisions about who you are, who you want to be, how you want to be, Where you want to Be in this world or without (in this world or on another plane) Whether you really want to be here, really want to experience it. Let’s want to live it. It’s all your choice and all Your life to live, Your decision/ understanding, choice, determine how loving, compassionate, understanding, supportive, helpful, willing to also experience, what LIFE is! Can you just keep on having fun, experiences, joy, love and the ripples of it will just fill the world. Let’s all Be! And Be Who each of us would like to Be. Express Yourself and put your best foot forward whether on one leg or two, you will make your way down, up or along your path and be connected to Your spirit of your inner and present (NOW) and deliver that without (outside) to the world. The world will tell you who You are, until You tell the world!

Everyone is determined, judged on their appearance as it is a mirror or self reflection to all others. ‘Be Your Best Mirror – of Your True Self!” Jenny Lyn Walker.

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