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BEING & DOING Your Best!

I find it interesting that in the last few days I have had a couple of things come to the fore. One was a NEW sign on the side of the rubbish bin down by the park going to the beach… it read “Do not leave valuables in your car”. With a picture of a thief with a bag running away from a parked car. I find it unfair to have to be told to not leave my things in my car. It struck me instantly that perhaps the sign should read… “Be a good citizen and Do not take things that do not belong to You.”  I thought that this was more apt in the times we are in, with the need to change the consciousness and the thoughts that are happening in peoples minds which are the things creating each and every persons reality. Does the sign therefore excuse the person who does take something from a car just because it was left in there? I understand it is a precautionary measure and there is definitely a psychology behind statements like that, but one statement I feel somehow condones the thiefs behaviour by putting it on the persons whose belongings they may be, where as the other one questions the thiefs individual integrity in life.

I ponder on this… the statements being opposites and energy and power through use of words, what effect does each one have? And in which direction do the words in the differing statements lead our world. Which way ultimately do we want the world to go and should we therefore being putting that out there more and more. I say this because this was a new sign put up in the last couple of days…and we are in new times, how do we want to move forward? Can we now get to people more through their conscience? If the world is being compassionate and caring and responsible towards everything and everyone else then surely the energy that goes with that can help to heal?

A friend had her handbag taken while overseas too in the last few days and it reinforced that it is always happening and what is it now that needs to be done to change the actions of these people. We are all here to do our own part to help in this world and what is it we are doing to help change the prevalent mindsets and to help with elimination of Fear. I have always said that words have power and I feel again maybe we need to revisit the use of signs and what they say to the public. Do signs like the one I saw just add to the problem? And what is it the people who take others things really need? What is it that society is lacking in order for these things to be happening and more to the point What can we do about it?

The world is full of opposites and everything can be looked at in different ways… which way do you all want to look at things from here on in? We are all trying to get somewhere, find a greater sense of self, to get away from our continual state of unease. Wherever we fall on the spectrum we are all striving for something. It is all embedded in the mind… we have to move past the mind and the mental noise that limits us and move to a more heightened state of awareness. Step out of the conditioned mind the conditioned sense of self. Step out of that into a fuller embodiment of self and consciousness. Be fulfilled in this moment. Everything arises out of either fear or desire… which means we are not at ease… we need to look for the stillness and ease.

Do we want to look at things with a positive spin so that good energy is put out there and can lift the vibe and in turn generate its own good energy or do we constantly look at things from a negative/ darker perspective? How do you find it for yourself... when you get stuck in a way of being about something in a negative way does it help to grow you, uplift you, energise you and make everything seem possible or does it do the reverse? And how does looking at things in a positive, uplifting, nurturing towards self and others and nature and the world make you feel? Does it make everything seem better, can you get on with your day easier? Are you able to function more and get more stuff done and things don’t so quickly and readily bring you down? What is it we are after in this life? Are you after a happy, loving, carefree, compassionate, energetic, fun filled life? How then can you look at things in a different light to create the life for yourself that you have always wanted.

Being present in the moment and at ease. Essence of the old state of consciousness is always trying to get away from where you are right now… observing it and being aware and alert completely present and open to the aliveness of this moment. Life energy. Energy that sustains the whole universe. Stillness, alertness, presence… they are all one. How do we as humans help each other to do that… feels to me we are all striving for the same outcome however in different ways and in order for it to be easier for everyone to do, then we are going to need everyones support. You know how a smile can help to boost someones day, well imagine how much good, nurturing, supportive, encouraging energy could do for you and others.

We all need to look within and help ourselves with perhaps changing our mindset on things, let things appear to be lighter and easier and energy giving and they will be. What you focus your mind on you create, so let’s all focus on the good stuff and encourage each other to do the same. What a wonderful world we can create if we can do this. Each taking our own actions towards betterment and in turn helping each other and in turn helping the world and all its inhabitants. Why throw doubt in there… again it’s just a mindset and it’s again a fear to stop things from progressing forward and up… we can all learn from each day and each experience and from the history of the world and each others stories… we are all unique yet all so inextricably intertwined, our energies all affect each others and the world around us too.

I feel strongly about my responsibility and what I do here everyday at the Gallery and what my whole purpose in life is, I know from the depths of my heart and my soul and my being that we are going to make a difference in the world and we will all go about it in a wonderfully different ways. We can help all to eliminate the fear and go forth in life with passion strength and courage and like the show I did for the year of the Tiger… express yourself, go forth with the passion and fire within, to have the strength, courage, and conviction to follow your dreams with the power of the Tiger as our guiding force and light to be all that we can be, to be our best selves and love ourselves fully and completely and take care of ourselves fully and completely and live the glorious life that we deserve and in turn help all others to do the same and to heal the world and everything in it and move to a higher place of being within ourselves and without… oh what a wonderful world!

It is also my goal.. to help people.. to get everyone to look at another side…. Try to find out what we can do each and every one of us to make a healed, loved cherished and compassionate world... make everyone believe in themselves, to aid and help each other in this world… til we are all awakened to a better way of life… it is very important right now as the main time as any to do something about, and it is speeding up, faster and faster which is exciting and going to be an amazing thing but also as a world we have to eliminate the fear and celebrate the positive in all life we have to support each other, support the world and all its inhabitants, we all have to support the ‘World Vision”… this is where I come in on a personal level to help each individual person with their self expression inside and out and to be truly aware of themselves and all that they are and all that they can be!!! To be the best they can be and everything comes to them…

“When You can Be the Best that You can Be, everything comes to You.” – Jenny Lyn Walker. 


November 2010.


INSPIRATION for the UNLEASH Your Brilliance! show.

I wanted to hold an event in order to celebrate the amazing array of people we have here in Point Chevalier!!!! The intent was to get as many businesses, performers, everyday people, YBe customers, community members, all ages, involved as possible to pull togther an amazing event full of FASHION, ART, PERFOMANCES, DANCE, SONG, MUSIC, POETRY, FOOD, INFORMATION AND TALENT.

This was well and above achieved and all those involved gained something small or large out of it, whether it be to step up to a challenge, push their limits, be a part of a new event, help out in some way or be a stunnning first time model, or show their creations for all to see.

For me it is very close to my heart as I have wanted to do this Tiger collection for 8 years now (as well as showing my NZ Maori / Asia Pasific collection pieces) and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to come up... of course it happens to be in the Year of the Tiger... as I wanted it to be.

The year of the Tiger is about finding the strength and courage and conviction within to go forth and reach new heights, take the challenge and succeed, bringing forth all your passion and energy to keep the focus and determination to achieve the life of your dreams. We all have this burning desire to live our lives the way we want so that is where the 'Feed the fire within' comes through. The fire and passion and burning desire, being unleashed and expressed for all to see and for the self to see. In order to Be true to self and to Be the unique individual we were all born to Be and then living harmoniously within a collective whole, supporting each other through our journey and our challenges to become, believe, achieve and BE.

So this event was all about individual expression, the challenge, the expression, the achievement of that and community collaboration, involvement of many peoples to celebrate and show the diversity and the amazing array of support that is out there. Bringing the Pt Chevalier community together, promoting each individual person or business or group or centre and their involvement, celebrating the beauty of Pt Chev and surrounding areas and the Auckland Zoo which of course houses these beautiful Tigers and who so willingly came to speak to share insights and receive more support and awareness from the audience. All of these things are on our doorstep and I wanted to really show appreciation for all that there is to offer in and around Pt Chevalier.

Clearly as part of this I also wanted to show and celebrate what I do here at YBe but that all goes hand in hand with what the event showcased and the bringing together of a varied and many people. I did my best and worked hard and well and feel that I really did achieve what I set out to for this event. I hope to have inspired many people and know for sure already there were many people especially the performers who were first timers that I encouraged to give it a go... as well as this being my first time to organise such an event, bring in all the helpers, perfomers etc, make the whole new collection, at the same time continue running a business etc etc ... it all came together and was a great success.

There have been many lessons learnt, a great experience and a deep reverrance for all those who helped and supported and took part in and attended this event. I feel blessed and I hope that I will be able to continue doing what I am doing and hold future events.

Please take away from it what you will and please look on it as something to prompt you and to remind you to always accept the challenge or at least go for what it is that you are dreaming of in this life... you must take action steps towards it and keep the vision strong and BE who you truely are and go for it! UNLEASH Your Brilliance! Thank you to everyone!! I will post another update soon talking more about the inspiration, design elements and story of the actual garments in the Tiger collection itself... watch this space!

Jenny Lyn Walker. 



Make your life a conscious act of creation with divine balance of love, wisdom and power of choice.

I think it is very key to appreciate the people, ideas, feelings and love that comes into our lives and with the knowledge of that we are able to comfortably know that we are on the right path and it makes it easier to become fully ourselves and go for our dreams on our own unique paths…. Love for self is the most important one, but knowing that others love us, helps to show us that we are loveable and can therefore fully love ourselves… ‘if someone else can , then I surely can!’ and the more we do that first, become fully ourselves, being who we were meant to be, without judgement (self judgement is harshest of all), experiencing and learning about how and what we each want to be. Then as unique, self cherished individual beings we are more clearly able to see the things, experiences and people that we want in our lives… and through this whole process, good friends are here to support us and cheer us on with our unique freedom to just BE. We can be solid, strong and independent individuals within a partnership and within each friendship that we have. Then everyone can resonate and coexist at a higher energy and vibration, love, compassion, understanding, unique individual expression and to just BE who they really are without any fear or doubt…. coming from the Heart centre and awakening to the understanding that Love is what the universe is made of … LOVE is the key.

Honour yourself and strength of your convictions. Your ideas are unique to you and speak to who you are as an individual, being different to everyone else is a blessing as you will see the world uniquely as only you can. How fabulous is that?! Your experiences shape who you are and your views and values are born out of a unique inner understanding of what life means to you. Being true to self and expression of your thoughts and your own story mean you are being authentic and true to self and not being what others think you should be. The wisdom that is part of you is vital for your life. No one else can live your life for you, so live with intention of higher attainment of love peace and wellbeing and tune in to yourself. Consciously living, growing and knowing. Reignite the passion in yourself, your life and in achieving your own ambitions and releasing what you know to be your own true potential.

We each have the power to live a determined, empowered existence where we choose how to react to the situations, emotions and feelings that come into our lives. Emotions are powerful but we must be willing to feel them and then choose our action, create your own reality, live it consciously. We each have this power within us to consciously switch our state of mind when we experience something that makes us feel out of sorts… and we can acknowledge what has occurred but then come back to a balanced, centred state which is our inner knowing of how we want to be, feel and experience. Be aware of your energy and thought flow, as we create our own realities... so create the life of your dreams...the life you design! - Jenny Lyn Walker.


Truth of Who We Are...

.....Truth, light and love in every step along the way.

Reawakening, rediscovering, remembering who You are is key in this life.

The innocence we knew as children gives us a glimpse of who we really are. The journey through our lives is a process to finding ourselves again. It is about remembrance of who and what we are and who and what we want to be. Life is giving us experience after experience helping us to gain more insight, truth and knowledge into that remembrance of ourselves. Our individual spirit, heart and soul… takes the journey from childhood to teen to adult hood to fully understand ourselves and re find, remember and re discover who we are. We are also challenged to help others, to remind them who they are. This is why so much of what we experience is reflected in those we know. In order that we can see, understand and in turn help them. Finding who we are and living our lives in accordance with that truth is the ultimate reason for being here. Once we truly find ourselves in our own lives and are prepared to honour ourselves and experiences as part of who we are, then the living is exciting. We can be more and more fulfilled. We also want our children to remain in or return to this innocence, truth and love so let’s guide them from NOW.

We are all in this life together and so are connected and so need to help each other, guide and lean on each other for support through the process. Re listen to the song “Lean on me”. It says this well. Just remember further than this, we can all grow into ourselves and once we are operating fully at this level of BEING ourselves and BEING, the more we live in our truth, light and love, and the more our lives will resonate with that. We are creators of our own realities in our own worlds… conceive, create, experience… and each experience shows us more about who and what we want to be. We have to see the ‘what we don’t want to be’, in order to remember what it is we ‘want to be’. This is the journey in remembrance of our TRUE selves and TRUE purpose. - Jenny Lyn Walker.


A Journey to Greatness

We are all here to support each other through our journey to greatness. as well as healing ourselves from the past, heal ourselves and help to heal others. They are not mutually exclusive. We are all responsible to help our race and all life around us. The elements are here to support us and the energy that exists in our universe also does this. It also has a collective memory of what has occurred before us and so when we wonder how we knew this feeling, instant connection or knowing that has never happened to us as individuals before we can see that it has been experienced many times by many individuals and the memory of that emotion, feeling, whether good or bad is resonated within us from the world around us. We need to all realise now that the collective energy we want to foster is the good energy and the uplifting, nurturing, happy, joyous, satisfied, achievement energy and when we experience these things we help to show others how to also enjoy the pleasures of life and all aim towards that higher state ofBEING. We can inspire the greatness in each other, when we see it in others, we know it and it helps us to remember that it is also in each of us. Greatness inspires the same courage that it requires and when we trust its presence in ourselves, we embody it and become it.

Achievements of one person always belong to many people for we accomplish nothing alone in this world. I invite you to join me and the many people who have been drawn to the energy and collective vision of YBe. Be a part of this JOURNEY through connection, unity, support and help in growth and learning for all of us. Help me to help you. I need your generous support in the way of custom and assistance; I also openly offer in exchange my artistic talents, love, compassion and understanding for your journey and help you to express what is within through your outer expression to the world. I would like for us to all share in the beauty of life, our dreams and passions, helping each other and watching our growth. I am very thankful to the YBe community that is continually growing and evolving, thank you all for being part of that world with me. I appreciate your support and hope to share the sense of unity, hope and wisdom with you all. –Jenny Lyn Walker.

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