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Happiness in Being

On this Journey of Being, I often come across the impulse to celebrate life and all that is. I find it is the only way to be able to keep coming back out again as a beautiful butterfly and spread my wings to fly. As time whizzes by I have to remind myself always to stop and take note of where I am at, what surrounds me and being present to what is living, moving, being all around me, This is the way to be in constant celebration of life.

Recently each morning and some times throughout the day, I dance. Movement of the body and feeling the energy around me. Just as the wind moves the leaves in the trees and the birds fly and traffic moves, so too does my body need to sway, twirl, flow to the rhythm of life. This is how I know I am alive and able to carry on.

There are times recently where sadness has come in vast quantities, the feeling of loss of loved ones though knowing they are still around me in the ethers existing somewhere beyond our concept of the physical. The sadness in love, showing me again the depths of my eternal love for life and all things. It brings me back to take stock again of what is and what exists, where and how. And to once again embrace the Joy in love and the love of love.

The deep love that exists in my soul and spirit which desires to be able to express it as easily and vastly as I feel the knowledge of the expanse of it that is within me. As I go through my journey I strive for perfect-ism, to be as close to the perfect as life shows us it can be, though at times I am simply imperfect that in itself is perfect as perfect is. At times an interesting concept to grasp and duality allows us to embrace both sides. Often times I am implored by the universe, my inner spiirt my higher self to go higher to become one with the perfect state, to be in the zone where all I say and do and am is at the level of perfect that I aspire to be.

There is a continual desire to be more of who I want to be, be the truest of true to myself and others and the world. With this outlook I am continually looking at what I can change, say, act, do, differently or more intensely or more in accordance with my true nature and the truth of life as it was created to be originally. My aim is to get to that perfect-ism. And as we all do that we all somehow gain deeper understanding of each other and bring an ability to each other to also be able to be that and achieve a state that innately exists in us all.

Love baby without hurt forever more, Love peace,bliss...

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