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New Beginnings and Healing Process

Going through the process of grief I have really had to come back to myself and find out what it is to Be me. Meditate on my heart and find out what it is I truely want and how I truely feel and to be able to express it as my own language and let it be known what the truth is for me. I have been singing a song in my thoughts the whole way through and able to find my way quickly home back to myself again. The process made me realise how much I have to honour me and know my truth and my thoughts and really feel into them and allow them to be.

I have been also able to experience them for a short while and honour them and understand and interpret them very easily and quickly and effortlessly and return to state of my normality and balance very quickly. I have experienced days of complete and utter peace as well as deep sadness and high love and beauty and awe of the world in which we live. I feel and know Jackie still and feel her completely in the spiritual still, its just the physical and closeness i miss. i miss our hugs. i know she is free and happy though wish she were still here with me. I honour her passing too and embrace the new world without her.

New beginnings and changes in plans. I look forward to what it is that comes in a new form soon enough and how the passing of Jackie brings blessings to my journey that will be revealed all very quickly. it has been a rough process as well as a brilliant one full of beauty and now I am ready in the space of love to receive all the next wonderful things life has to bring. Farethee well my bright star. See you soon :) looking forward to it, the new generation and beautiful things to come. My little Rose :) Rise again :) Just as the moon surely rises. Bright new day and new loves. day in day out, nights through, we have beauty, all embracing, all surrounding and all supporting.

The Universe helps to heal me from my grief and sadness and in its place it plants the seeds of love. I have been sewing my seams of LOVE and the new generation of Being and garments emerge.

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