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Fabulous February: Jenny Lyn Walker & YBe Fashion Design at Tui Treat!!

Here we are in February 2012. I trust it has been an interesting journey so far this year for everyone!

In this February newsletter:

  • Tantra Yoga & Music event this Sunday 19th at YBe Tui Treat
  • YBe shop and ‘Heal Your Clothes’ service at Oratia Markets Saturdays
  • Jenny Lyn Walker - Sculptural Fashion Art exhibition at Wallace Trust Gallery – Pah Homestead.
  • YBe Internship and live and work opportunities! NZ Collection.
  • YBe Tui Treat Gallery and Workshop as well as classes and courses.
  • Inspirational writing by Jenny Lyn Walker


Tantra Yoga event this Sunday 19th at YBe Tui Treat

This Sunday! 19th February: Event at Tui Treat –Tantra Yoga with Siri, Enchanting Live music accompaniment by Manasi, Sculptural Fashion Art display by Jenny Lyn Walker. $15 only. 5pm to 7.30pm. Coffee, Tea and snacks to purchase afterwards with time and space to mingle.


YBe Tui Treat – 25 Tui Crescent, Waiatarua... look for the YBe sign at the start of Tui crescent, come to the end and up the driveway to the magical bush setting with fantastic City views! Sanctuary of all-sorts!

YBe Tui Treat event   also here is the facebook link for extra information about the facilitators and location (click on ‘more’).



YBe shop and ‘Heal Your Clothes’ service at Oratia Markets Saturdays

Saturday Markets: Here is my little YBe by Jenny Lyn Walker Shop and ‘Heal Your Clothes’ service. Come to visit me there, get my help with your clothes and then do some of your weekly shopping. Hours: 9am-12.30, Every Saturday. 99 Parrs Cross Rd, Oratia, with the Packing Shed café, Artisan Vineyard and a wonderful array of Fresh Produce at your fingertips!

Jenny Lyn Walker - Sculptural Fashion Art exhibition at Wallace Trust Gallery – Pah Homestead.

The exhibition at Wallace Trust Gallery at Pah Homestead went well in early February. A lovely place to display my works and received a vast number of great comments on my pieces! Fantastic! Also Congratulations to Gus and Siri for their one year celebrations for InVOICE!

More exhibitions are due soon, so keep an eye out on my YBe facebook page and also if you know of a place that would like to do a showing of my work, please let me know.

YBe HOME & Jenny Lyn Walker:

YBe Internship and Live and Work opportunities! NZ Collection.

Internship available and Live and Work options too here at Tui Treat! I can teach you techniques, sewing and crafting skills while you participate in the making of garments for my NZ collection which is going into NZ Bridal Fashion week. This collection consists of Garments for the Bride and Groom of course as well as to outfit anybody attending a Wedding or Special event in their life. The pieces are NZ / Maori / Asia pacific based with an art, nature and culture inspiration and of a contemporary design spin merged with traditional techniques and elements. There is an underlying resonance to even Egyptian times and a variety of other cultures intertwined within the creations. Displayable as well as wearable these pieces take anywhere from 20 to 200 hours to construct as well as the journey taken to reach fruition, they in themselves contain a story and a history that can be expressed as well as linked in with the complete collection and also the story with connection to the eventual wearer or owner of the final work. Just as clothes express each era of time so too does this collection, it is representative of our time (zeitgeist) and holds vast memories and stories within its depths. If you would like to take part in this time marking collection please be certain to contact me. And furthermore pass on to anyone you think will be interested.

YBe Tui Treat Gallery and Workshop as well as classes and courses.

Tui Treat: remember you are welcome to come to visit my Gallery and workroom here also and have something designed for you or purchase from the existing YBe collections. Remember all the work I do is ‘Shaped to Fit’. And anything can be made to uniquely express You!

Also please lodge your interest for Design classes and Creative projects and workshops and Yoga and Dance classes coming up so I can make sure I can contact you with the dates.

Inspirational writing by Jenny Lyn Walker

To me this is a year for Expansion and Self Empowerment, Potential, fulfillment, greatness And understanding the need to be, and then being Self Responsible.

This 2012 year I continue to endeavor to Guide and Inspire, Help and Love…to show it is necessary to keep going .. it is your/our way through this interesting pathway of life. I speak and listen to my inner voice with a full and open heart, sometimes I sing, sometimes I dance, sometimes I cry, tho I always know the deeper truth is that we are here to experience and in that the merging of human and divine selves and the greater connection to the creation of life.

I remind myself that Safety exists within me, in my calm centre. Here within me is the creation of the outer reality of which I experience… (I create the reality outside of me to experience)

Here is How all this ties in to me and what I do as my passion, career, journey for myself and for helping others: Life experiences shape who you are, I create clothes that fit your shape or are shaped to fit the expression of who you are, who you want to Be and in turn shape and create your experiences, and these experiences shape your life… cycle of Life and Fashion and You and Me.

My entire body of consciousness is here communicating…spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and I am receiving the messages. This is who I am… I have been asking that question all my life… Who am I, Where do I fit in, What is my background, history, culture, place, importance in this world… Why Be? (Y Be?) Why exist? It is to find the self and connect to the divine presence within us all and hence be connected to each other and to God and eternal existence… the universe… the presence, the now. To persist with my purpose, dreams and desires.

Within that persistence to also have consistent Compassion for self… choose again if need be… choose freedom. Free yourself from any stifling chains…one day I will share the whole version of my YBe song! It has this previous sentence as one of its lines. So… trust all of you, me & all of life.

Make the loving choice to be here now…fully open to receive… What do you want to bring to yourself and others in 2012? What can I create for you to help with your evolution and experiences? 2012… the year that anything is possible!!!

Jenny Lyn Walker*

Ps: Hope day of love was wonderful for you all J share and continue the flow of love for self and others throughout this year… act only from love, only then will happiness ensue J

See you soon at YBe Tui Treat, Oratia Markets and for Yoga this Sunday!

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    Fabulous February: Jenny Lyn Walker
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    Fabulous February: Jenny Lyn Walker

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