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May newsletter: Jenny Lyn Walker & YBe Fashion Design at Tui Treat!!

May you Enjoy with Joy this month of May!

May good blessings, great clothes, wonderful events fill your calendar days! What do you want to wear? Do you want something that expresses uniquely who you are? and fits you really well? and enhances your style and body and proportions? Get me to design and make it for you… to fit You!

I can make you garments you have always dreamed of or to help you dress in a way you never thought possible, design your wardrobe the way it feels more representative of you and who you are today and for the future. I will work with you to create your own sense of style and have it help you voice your inner self, the truth of who you are and how you want to be seen and see yourself. Enhance and embrace the inner and outer you. Your beauty and love and zest for life!

Look deep into your own heart, what do you see when you look into the mirror and deep into your own eyes? I am sure you will see a beautiful being yearning to Be! Just Be! YBe?! Be Yourself. Love yourself. May you live in harmony with nature, yourself and others and the universe and always be the most beautiful You that You can Be. So what are You going to wear today to be that? If you are not sure, come to see me, have a consultation and place an order for your own new garment and I will help You to always be able to feel confident, loved, comfortable, at ease, beautiful, radiant, safe, alive, full of grace and always a song unto yourself and in so being… others will notice and be drawn to you… appreciation attracts appreciation, love attracts love, May You Be the celebration.

In this May newsletter:


  • Dinner party: Liquid Gold Halo Moon – Divine Dining.

Friday 1st June at YBe Tui Treat. Dress up in your best and come to enjoy the celebrations and entertainment here. Make a reservation!

  • World Organic gathering… come to find out more about these wonderful products! Mid-June with Manasi Gupta.


  • Happy Mother’s Day: Mothers day Gift vouchers with additional free consultations. Or purchase a consultation at discounted rate for your Mum! Every day is a day for Mum!
  • YBe garments and consultations at Herne Bay fair Saturday 19th May.

YBe HOME & Jenny Lyn Walker:

  • Book Jenny Lyn Walker for Guest speaking presentations at your local school, design school, business, workplace etc
  • YBe Internship opportunities & Hear from Tracey a YBe Intern about her experience! Real world learning. NZ Collection.
  • YBe Tui Treat Gallery and Workshop sewing courses. I teach you to sew and you sew some pieces for me… joint effort collaborative work. Learn from a proficient Fashion Designer!
  • Jackie cats close call. The fight for Life and turnaround with Love. Inspirational writing by Jenny Lyn Walker


Dinner party Friday 1st June at YBe Tui Treat


Liquid Gold Halo Moon – Divine Dining 

Friday 1st June: Please join us at Tui Treat for a Divine Dinner party, experience live performances, music, fashion show, dances, enjoy Sculptural Fashion Art and Be as one in the most beautiful abundant setting … a Treat for all the senses.

$35 only. 7pm to 11.30pm. Includes a Cocktail, 3 course tapas Dinner and Desert.


YBe Tui Treat – 25 Tui Crescent, Waiatarua... Magical bush sanctuary setting with fantastic City views!

Enjoy dressing up and do it more often! Everyday is a day to celebrate and be your best self! If you feel u don’t have something to wear please just wear your favourite and come to see what is on offer here at YBe Tui Treat and what other possibilities there are for the future. I can make anything you desire, anything is possible. Place an order for your next dinner party or event or casual gathering while you are here and get 20% off. Limits are a thing of the past, the here and now is heaven on earth and the future is even brighter!

Prizes, specials, consultations and a huge variety of talented and skilled people here in many and varied creative fields all to celebrate and be their best selves… so you too may flourish.

Email to RSVP for this event. Updates will be sent out soon. 

  • World Organic gathering… come to find out more about these wonderful products! Mid-June with Manasi Gupta.

Let me know of your interest and book in for mid-June here at YBe Tui Treat! Enjoy a lovely afternoon in the Sanctuary! Hear about and test out the products and make any purchases if you desire, eftpos is available here (tho there is no obligation). The World Organic products are premium quality certified organic fair trade skin care for men and women. Find out from Manasi about why these products are like food for the skin. I am impressed and wow they smell good! YBe Tui Treat café will be open for you also if you would like to have an afternoon snack and tea or coffee while you are here. Bring friends and make a real event of it. Like a fun Tupperware party day!


Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday! Yay!


  • For your Mother for Mothers day and beyond: Contact me and book in your Mother for her own full consultation for style, expression, transformation within Fashion. Mother’s day special is 20% off the usual price! Or purchase her a gift voucher of $200 or more to go towards any garment order or purchase and gain her a FREE consultation (valued at $100)!
  • Every day is a day for Mum! If you call and book in your Mother now (many payment options) then these specials are valid to be redeemed anytime within the next 2 months at her leisure!!

To all Mothers of any fashion… Happy Mothers day! I hope you enjoy or did enjoy the day for you! Thank you and bless you for all you have done and will ever do. Leading up to Mothers day I have had a full on experience nursing my cat back to life and have experienced more of what it means to be a Mum, the sense of it was what it is like caring for a new born. Thank you to all women out there and the men who support and honour them too. All Goddesses, thank you for your feminine prowess, power, strength and compassion, as well as the many nurturing qualities, connection to nature and creation of all things. Mothers day is a time to honour the feminine qualities and love experienced between beings. Thank you to my Mum for being my Mum! And to my Sister I hope you have a lovely day with your Daughter! Jackie thank you for being here so we can spend Mothers day together! I love you! To all women out there, I cherish, honour and respect you all. ENJOY this day!


YBe stand at Herne Bay Fair Saturday May 19th

Bayfield School Hall, Jervois Rd, 1.30-4.30pm free entry.

YBe by Jenny Lyn Walker: Garments and Accessories. I will have with me photos of all kinds of garments that I have made and possibilities for what I can make for you whatever you desire. (see some here  Come to see me at the market for Garment consultations and orders. Inspirational motivating and Transformation consultation market prices $60 usually $100.

Jenny Lyn walker Guest Speaking appearances

Book Jenny Lyn Walker for Guest speaking presentations at your local school, design school, business, workplace, community groups etc… Varied topics include: Inspirational Motivation, Fashion and Design future career interest, Conscious Purposeful life, Transformation, Style and Expression. I spoke at Rutherford College this week and was a fantastic turnout with high audience participation and appreciation. Thank you to all attending as it is lovely for me to be doing this as I know it helps people to follow and encourage their dreams and work well towards their goals with strength, determination, courage and love. Also in part it is fundraising for taking my NZ collection on tour. Let me know if your school, group or place of work would like a dose of Jenergy! Helping to put a smile on your face and glow in your belly!

YBe HOME & Jenny Lyn Walker:

YBe Internship opportunities & testimonial. NZ Collection.

  • Hear from a YBe Intern about her experience… Tracey’s testimonial follows….YBe Internship opportunities! For Fashion, construction and design students. Real world learning. NZ Collection.

“In the course I have been doing with Jenny Lyn Walker I have learnt how to screen print, stencil, weave, sew and other techniques. I have also learnt many amazing things about fashion and life altogether. Jenny is an amazing, inspiring person and she has taught me so many things. She is a very patient teacher and is…” click here for more…

Thank you to those taking part in the Internships here at YBe Tui Treat. If you would like to take part in this time marking NZ collection please be certain to contact me. And furthermore pass on to anyone you think will be interested.

Interns are taught techniques, sewing and crafting skills while they participate in the making of garments for Jenny’s NZ collection.

YBe Tui Treat Gallery and Workshop as well as classes and courses.

  • YBe Tui Treat Gallery and Workshop sewing courses. I teach you to sew, or to renew your latent sewing skills and you be part of sewing some pieces for me… joint effort collaborative work. Learn from a proficient Fashion Designer! An expressionist and someone who is dedicating whole life and purpose to fruition of dreams and being true to self!

YBe Tui Treat: remember you are welcome to come to visit my Gallery and workroom here also and have something designed for you or purchase from the existing YBe collections. The work I do is ‘Shaped to Fit’. And anything can be made to uniquely express You!

Also please lodge your interest for Design classes and Creative projects and workshops and Yoga and Dance classes coming up so I can make sure I can contact you with the dates.

Inspirational writing by Jenny Lyn Walker

  • Jackie cats close call. The fight for Life and turnaround with Love.

Over the past week I have been in full take care mode of my cat Jackie. She quickly became very ill and stopped eating and drinking and being her cheerful happy self. I took her in to the vet knowing something was very wrong with her teeth and mouth. Infact she came out diagnosed with acute kidney/renal failure to my shock and disbelief. The dramatic rush from that point to keep her alive and back on track started. So a very intense few days it has been! I am happy to say at this point Jackie is doing really well and is eating again and drinking and has just been back to the vet for top up of antibiotics and other meds. I took her to Orewa on Saturday to get natural remedies and homeopathic drops and am continuing recuperative care for and with her. Oh my little Jackie girl. She really is a huge part of my life and the connection we share is like Mother -Daughter. Those who know me will also undoubtedly also know Jackie and know how much love we share. She is very special and very loved and has been a companion of mine for 8 years.

I wanted to say a few thank yous to all those who have helped me and Jackie through this journey and also to make recommendations for the places I took Jackie to for help getting her well. If you take any of your pets to these places please just mention the recommendation from me. They have each played an integral part in helping the situation and I thank them for the various parts different people have played. I have appreciation and gratitude for them all. See here for rest of the story, what actions I took, communication and love experienced, especially for those who have a beloved cat…Please see here for more of the story and recommendations of healers and practitioners.

I would love the support of you all for whatever income producing work you can give me such as garments or consultations or help you need from me in inspirational motivating, transformation and expression, being guided by intuition advice, style and Being You strategies and any of the other varied and many skills I have. I am keen to support myself, Jackie and my friends and family better and create a sustainable life and lifestyle. So to you in exchange I offer my gifts and skills and talent and expert knowledge and understanding for what it means to be dressing well, with confidence and dressed to enhance, embrace and celebrate the best of you. Thank you for sharing and being part of my journey and making me part of yours. So see you soon then. Yay Fun!

Loads of love and support,

Jenny Lyn Walker*


See you soon at YBe Tui Treat, Herne Bay Market and for Dinner on Friday 1st of June!

At YBe Tui Treat, You can ‘Treat Yourself’ to: reconnecting to YOUR inner spirit, Your style, Your wants and desires, and re-energize in the beautiful and peaceful bush setting. A cup of coffee or tea and Tui treats available at all times!

YBe Location & Hours:

25 Tui Crescent,

Waiatarua, Auckland

09 814 8858 / 021 231 7447

Tuesday to Saturday 10.30 to 5.30 by appointment.

facebook link

Check out the updates and pics on the YBe Website, please select ‘Like’ YBe facebook page and keep updated with the news and events.

Please forward the newsletter on to any friends who may be interested and also get them to sign up thru the website contact us page.

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