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July-August Newsletter 2012- Piwakawaka & Remuera location

YBe Newsletter: Farewell July and Welcome August

In this Newsletter:

  • ·         Fantail Dress for Sale to New Guardian
  • ·         Sculptural Fashion Art by Jenny Lyn Walker
  • ·         YOUnique!
  • ·         YBe: Helping You with Balance and Expression!
  • ·         Thank you YBe Tui Treat
  • ·         Change & Movement
  • ·         Jackie Cats passing…farewell my Bright Star!
  • ·         Sharing


FANTAIL DRESS from the NEW ZEALAND collection for sale to a NEW GUARDIAN.

Calling the one of you who resonates and who would like to become the next guardian to The Fantail Dress. Furthermore gaining the joy, appreciation and fulfilment from acquiring such an exquisite piece.

Would you like to be the new Guardian of the one of the key pivotal pieces from The New Zealand Collection? The Fantail dress also known as Piwakawaka here in New Zealand is full of fun, joy, flitting around from tree to tree with love, heart, full of life and enjoying each day. The Fantail Dress has been infused also with this kind of energy from its initial original conception after seeing and being followed by the Fantail flitting joyously in the trees surrounding Kahikatea Eco Village – now Albany campus of Wellpark College, while walking around enjoying the nature, the views, the land with a trusted friend one day during the time that I was there with my workshop studio.

The design, pattern making, original mock up and structure to the dress were conceived … click to read more… and to see the Video of the Fantail Dress...Piwakawaka:

Sculptural Fashion Art by Jenny Lyn Walker

Sculptural Fashion Art by Jenny Lyn Walker is the new way of being and doing. It gives you the ability to express that which you know innately, to wear that proud, clearly and so be in tune with yourself, your inner spirit, your story and what moves you, inspires you and how it all makes you feel. Feel high, fly, feel free, feel you, feel right, feel all, in the case of the Fantail…be like the essence of a Fantail fused with your essence to bring about a new version of connectedness and aliveness and Be YOU!

There are only one of each of these pieces, they are unique, one off, amazingly inspired and fully infused with love and brilliance, they are for those who resonate and understand the depth of love, beauty and brilliance in our world. I hope to meet the one of You who is the Fantail! I am looking forward to that and to sharing in the journey and forward flight of the Fantail!


What is it that will represent you very well? Shall I make that for you? Let me know. It is what I love to do. I am passionate about helping people find themselves, to move forward in their lives and to bring about what it is that they desire… representation through clothes, with balance and expression are an important, integral and beneficial part of that.

YBe: Helping You with Balance and Expression!

Blessings to all. Have a think about what represents you, who you are and what you want to be or do or say with-in and with-out with the use of your clothes. Join me in the world of expression and I will make your garment for you to fit, suit and represent you to help you tell your story and to understand that this new generation and creation of appreciative clothing is yet another way that you are able to honour this world and be an integral part of it.

Recent commissioned garment: Grooms Outfit. Shirt with Family journey painted on representing the couple and extended family and story thus far.

Just as music feeds your soul and arrives at just the right time to aid you in telling your story or to express something held within, aiding you in releasing and letting go of or bringing in of anything needed in those moments, so too does your dress, your clothing, your expression through clothes.

Thank You YBe Tui Treat

It was a very special time at YBe Tui Treat in Waiatarua in the Waitakere ranges and I have very much enjoyed being enveloped in the surrounding beauty and brilliance that is there. A full picture of nature and what it holds and is… unfurling of fronds, birds flying, insects, animals, life surrounding, all the elements and weather changes and seasons being experienced and in a beautiful sanctuary and wonderful house, with our very own inner atrium space, which many have come to discover and enjoy with us there. YBe Tui Treat photo album

We are now relocated and resetup, situated in Remuera… I am enjoying the new surroundings and looking forward to new experiences and blessings coming from new paths being continually forged. Welcome to visit the new premises anytime, with appointments made first please. Things move, change and carry on and the process allows new things to take shape.

Change and movement

Change is here and now. I am moving, we are moving, changing, the world is changing, I call on you to do your part and to enjoy that which we have been blessed with and to celebrate in the creation of all things and to honour that which we have, as well as being able to gain considerable energy, love and brilliance from the presence of such artworks /creations in your life.

Helping with the changes and movement we are all involved in for our world and moving forward with creation of a new and improved, revised, fun, joy filled world in which all things are loved, cherished and honoured for what they do and why they are here. With us, within us, around us, all connected and forming a greater whole. This union is a blessing and something we can all keep hold of and dream for the peace and serenity and wonderfulness that we can have around us as a heaven on earth. Yay let’s do it!!! Love is all that is needed. Love is here, love is now, love is real, love is truth.

Jackie Cats passing

Fare thee well my Bright Star. Thank you Jackie, forever my love! Friday 17th July at 9.27pm, Jackie passed away, unable to recover from an illness. Click on this pics link to facebook memorial gallery.

Jackie will always remain as strong in my heart as she ever has been. She was a true companion and we shared wonderful times together. She walked a hard road and it must have been time to go. I see her in the stars and continue to feel her presence and am honoured to have had such a special connection with such a special being. Love, light and compassion to Jackie, my beloved beautiful cat. I love her so. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments, condolences and thoughts for Jackie and myself. Your support has been wonderful and has aided my moving through the grieving process, and ability to keep moving forward. I feel we are both at peace with it now as much as is possible, though I do miss Jackie’s presence in my life. She has a beautiful soul and touched the lives of many as she travelled with me on many roads in the past 8 years. The memory of Jackie and her 3 legs, wonderful nature, kindness and loving presence will live on. Regards and Rest in Peace dear one.


Thank you to all those of you who have shared in this life experience and also to whoever has shared from afar. I thank you all and am glad to have been able to receive you as part of the journey. Another level added to the stepping stones of life and its now on to the next stage from here. I love for you to continue to join me and see where to from here, how you can be involved and carry on sharing the road.

Lots of love, light and blessings to you all.

Keep in touch.


ps: Join us on facebook to be updated with events and movements.


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    July-August Newsletter 2012- Piwakawaka

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